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5 Ways To Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

A national survey conducted by The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University reveals a startling disconnect between couples’ desires to be touched and the amount of physical connection they actually experience through touching. Nearly all (87%) men and women in committed relationships rated touch as very or extremely important to building intimacy. Yet,…

18 Ways to Be Romantic – Tips for Men
Relationships can be difficult, and they require a certain amount of hard work to keep the spark alive. If you want to keep your relationship fresh and invigorated, you have to show your partner that you don't take her for granted. Remember important dates such as her birthday, Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary,...
Best Gifts for the Women in Your Life
If you're looking for gift ideas for the women in your life, look no further. Mocha Man Style's "Best Gifts for the Women in Your Life" guide offers you ideas that will suit your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter or friend. 1. NFL Flannel Plaid Pant and Tank Sleep Set - If...
Rick Ross Performs “Big Tyme” With an Assist From Swizz Beatz and The Roots
Rick Ross has been in the rap game for a while. To celebrate the release of his 10th album, Port of Miami 2, Ross performed his new single, “Big Tyme” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Ross gets an assist from Swizz Beatz, The Roots, and an orchestra... Read more
Tito Jackson Steps Into the Spotlight as Lead Vocalist on “One Way Street”
I don’t wanna play these games you play, girl, anymore. If you want to leave, I’ll hold the door – Tito Jackson, “One Way Street.” As a member of the Jackson 5, Tito held down the rhythm on guitar. Now Michae’s usually quiet older brother is stepping in the... Read more
Houston Happenings with Great Day Houston and Mocha Man Style
Mocha Man Style Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Frederick J. Goodall, appeared on Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan to discuss events in the Houston area this weekend. Watch the video below to get the scoop on what’s happening. Tweet us @mochamanstyle or leave a comment on our Facebook Page to share your thoughts on this... Read more
A Like is Not An Indicator of Self-Worth
Instagram recently started removing likes on posts as part of a trial for changes on the platform. The social media network hopes that by removing likes, people will feel less “pressure” around the content they post. This announcement made me think about an encounter I had with some students... Read more
Reebok Buy One, Get One on ALL SALE ITEMS!
Now is the time to stock up on workout gear. For a limited time, you can buy one sale item at Reebok and get one free (with code GET2).   Choose from a wide selection of Reebok apparel, sneakers and, accessories.   The Reebok Buy One, Get One on... Read more
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Redistricting Maps and Karl Roves Says Texas Could Turn Blue
Each month, Mocha Man Style publisher, Frederick J. Goodall, joins a panel of non-experts to discuss hot topics on Houston Public Media’s radio segment, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. This month’s panel includes Houston Matters Host, Craig Cohen and Mary Flood, blogger, and consultant for Androvett Legal Media and... Read more
Listen to Music in Style with Bose Frames
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions are my own. I’m a music fanatic. I love to listen to my favorite tunes when I’m on-the-go. Although I love my wireless earbuds, I have discovered a new way to listen to music while looking cool and stylish.... Read more
Rhett Rotten Defies Gravity on Vintage Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
One weekend, I was surfing the internet to find something to do. I stumbled across an event, Rhett Rotten and his Wall of Death, at a local Harley-Davidson dealership. I’m a fan of motorsports so I decided to check it out. Boy, am I glad I did! With over... Read more
7 Self-Care Practices for Men That Will Improve Your Mental Health
Let’s face it. Every day, we’re under a tremendous amount of pressure to provide for our families, manage our relentless work responsibilities, maintain our health and fitness, and never show any sign of weakness. That’s an incredible amount of stress to deal with. To make matters worse, we often... Read more
3 Men’s 90s Fashions That Are Making a Comeback
In the 90s, I was a college student at Howard University in Washington, DC. This was a great period in my life. I met new friends, enjoyed great music (90s hip-hop, R&B, and grunge), and experienced everything our nation’s capital had to offer. I was also able to define... Read more