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My Journey Towards Better Heart Health
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OMRON. All opinions are my own. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. Living half a century makes you take a deep assessment of your life especially concerning your health. I must admit that I didn’t always eat well nor did I exercise as... Read more
The Barbershop Can Save Your Life
The barbershop is a special place. Not only can you get a shave and a haircut, but you can also make friends, watch the game, and participate in lively discussions on politics, sports, popular culture, and relationships. During one visit to the barbershop, I discovered that it could be... Read more
6 Ways You Can Prevent Post-Workout Acne
Getting a great workout usually leaves you looking and feeling fantastic. That is unless you find that going to the gym causes your acne to flare up. Of course, you want to stay fit, but sacrificing clear skin doesn’t seem like a fair deal. Fortunately, there are some easy... Read more
3 Tools to Help You Up Your Beard Grooming Game for the New Year
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wahl. All opinions are my own. Let’s be honest. Maintaining a beard is a lot of work. You have to comb it, brush it, wash it, moisturize it, and our course, trim it regularly. However, keeping your beard looking great can be much... Read more
It’s Never Too Late for Men to Start a Skincare Routine
We’ve all seen those guys who—despite pushing 50—look like they could easily pass for 30. What’s their secret to aging so gracefully? While genetics and a healthy lifestyle probably have something to do with it, the real secret to their age-defying looks is a consistent skincare routine. Using the... Read more
Top 10 Moustaches in African American History
Among black men, 19 percent — nearly one in five — will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and five percent of those will die from this disease. In fact, prostate cancer is the fourth most common reason overall for death in African-American men. Last year, I lost my best... Read more
5 Reasons Why Men Should Get an Annual Exam
Most guys wouldn’t think of neglecting their cars. They regularly get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and get tune ups to keep their vehicles in tip top shape. Unfortunately, many guys aren’t as diligent when it comes to maintaining their bodies. They fail to get annual exams and... Read more
Eliminate Pills and Drink Your Vitamins with TESPO
A while ago, I dated a woman who was a fitness competitor. When I met her, she had won three championships and was training for her fourth. During our time together, many of our dates included working out at the gym. I like to think I’m a pretty fit... Read more
Why Taking Care of Your Eyes is Important to Your Overall Health
I’ve always had excellent vision. I used to brag that Superman called me when his super-vision wasn’t strong enough. I enjoyed perfect eyesight well into my early thirties, but things changed when I turned 35. I started to notice that signs more than 20 feet away were blurry. I... Read more
7 Self-Care Practices for Men That Will Improve Your Mental Health
Let’s face it. Every day, we’re under a tremendous amount of pressure to provide for our families, manage our relentless work responsibilities, maintain our health and fitness, and never show any sign of weakness. That’s an incredible amount of stress to deal with. To make matters worse, we often... Read more