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Animate Your Style With Marvel Cufflinks
The Tag Heuer Connected is a REAL Luxury Smartwatch
TAG Heuer has been making luxury timepieces since 1860. Their watches are coveted by enthusiasts and collectors because of their high-quality craftsmanship and avant-garde design. But today’s constantly-connected consumers want their watches to do more than just tell time. TAG Haeur has addressed this demand with the TAG Heuer Connected,... Read more
The Meister Rose Gold Aviator Watch Will Make You a Master of Style
There are three essential accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe – an elegant tie that can go with several outfits, a well-made leather belt, and a stylish wristwatch. With the Meister Rose Gold Aviator watch you will have two out of the three covered. Meister, or MSTR as... Read more
Hublot Unveils the World’s Only Scratch-Resistant Gold Watch
How to Tie a Scarf – A Man’s Guide
Now that winter is upon us, men are forced to bundle up. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of warmth. With the right accessories, you can add a touch of flair to that trench coat, parka, or bomber jacket. One way to stay warm and comfortable... Read more
Tie Society Helps to Overcome the Status Quo
I worked at a conservative engineering firm where we were required to wear a suit and tie every day. Most guys alternated between their navy and gray suits with nondescript neckwear or red power ties if they were higher up in the hierarchy. This uninspired uniform didn’t sit well with... Read more