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Since the dawn of time, men have been on an eternal quest for two things: the meaning of life and the perfect shave. While it may be a while before we fully understand life’s mysteries, we can rejoice because the perfect shave is within our grasp. The Art of... Read more
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Several months ago, I made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. Along with eating right and cutting down on my caffeine intake, I also decided to be more active. I knew that an activity band would be a helpful tool to gauge the amount of activity I was getting.... Read more
I’ve made many grooming mistakes in my lifetime. I’ve dry-shaved with a cheap drugstore shaver, washed my hair with a bar of soap, exposed the world to my ashy knees, and held on to hairstyles longer than I should have (my red, Gumby haircut was perhaps the worst). Thankfully, I’ve... Read more
Spend Less Time in the Shower with Alberto VO5 Men’s 3-in-1
I like things that do more than one thing – sporks, Swiss Army knives, beer helmets, and pajama jeans (I’m just kidding about this one, but you get my point). That’s why I was pleased to discover Alberto VO5 Men’s 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. No more spending... Read more
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