5 Reasons Why Men Should Get an Annual Exam

Most guys wouldn’t think of neglecting their cars.

They regularly get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and get tune-ups to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.

Unfortunately, many guys aren’t as diligent when it comes to maintaining their bodies.

They fail to get annual exams and only go to the doctor when they can no longer bear the pain of what’s ailing them.

But illnesses can exist for quite a while before they cause problems.

Having a yearly medical exam can identify health problems before they have a chance to get serious.

Even if you’re feeling great, having an annual exam is a smart idea.

What follows are five good reasons to check in with your primary health care provider.

You Will Get a Complete Overview of Your Current Health

During your annual exam, your doctor will consider a general overview of your current state, including your age, your risk of disease, weight, and any other factors that are unique to you alone.

In addition, your doctor will review other health factors including current symptoms, past illnesses, and results of routine tests such as blood draws and urinalysis.

This general overview will give you a baseline of your current health.

From there, you and your doctors can address any issues and make plans to create a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, exercising, and stress management.

You Will Catch Health Treats Before They Become Serious

Having an annual exam gives you much better odds that you’ll catch health threats before they have a chance to become more serious and more difficult to treat.

Your doctor will screen you for a variety of health threats, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or prostate, skin, or colon cancer.

Many of these diseases have no noticeable symptoms.

An annual exam is the only way to be sure that you aren’t at risk.

You Will Keep Your Immunizations Current

Although most people receive vaccinations against common childhood diseases like chickenpox as infants and children, there are several vaccines that adults should have.

They include tetanus-diphtheria booster (every 10 years), pertussis (whooping cough), annual flu vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine and boosters, and herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine if you’re over 60 and had chickenpox as a child.

If you travel internationally, it is also important to check with your doctor to see which additional vaccinations are required.

You Will Build a Strong Relationship With Your Doctor

Meeting up at least once a year means that you and your doctor can build a relationship based on honesty, openness, and trust.

If an emergency should arise in the future, your doctor will be treating someone he or she knows, instead of a stranger.

Many experts suggest finding a doctor who is close to your age so you can develop a long-lasting relationship.

You Will Have Peace of Mind

Your doctor can help you address any health issues that come up during your annual exam.

That means you can take positive steps toward getting healthy and staying that way.

Get your yearly physical—and don’t forget to get a yearly dental exam and have your eyes checked every other year.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy your life. Your family is relying on you.

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