3 Tools to Help You Up Your Beard Grooming Game for the New Year

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wahl. All opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest. Beard grooming is a lot of work. You have to comb it, brush it, wash it, moisturize it, and our course, trim it regularly.

However, keeping your beard looking great can be much easier with the right tools. Here are three tools to help you up your beard grooming game for the new year. 

The Wahl Edge Pro Trimmer

Having a well-groomed beard starts with keeping it fresh and neat. The Wahl Edge Pro Trimmer is the perfect tool to trim, detail, and maintain your beard. Its stainless steel T-blade, backed by a powerful, heavy-duty rotary motor, helps you to achieve crisp, tight lines.

The special blade technology alleviates razor bumps, in-grown hairs, and skin irritation. This feature is important to African-American men who are susceptible to razor-bumps, especially along the neckline.

The Wahl Edge Pro Trimmer delivers smooth, even, no-snag cutting through all hair-types.

I love this tool because it makes grooming my beard convenient.

Whether it’s during my weekly full-on beard-care session at home or if I need to line up my beard to look fresh for a date, party, or business meeting, the portable Wahl Edge Trimmer is my go-to tool for any time, anywhere beard maintenance. 

Beard Shaping Template

beard shaping template 

A useful companion to your Wahl Edge Pro Trimmer is a beard shaping template.

While there are some guys who have super steady hands and can freehand trim their beards with no problem, most of us need a little help.

There is nothing worse than thinking you’ve done an amazing job of trimming and shaping your beard only to discover later that your sideburns are uneven and your whole neckline is botched up.

With a beard shaping template, you can perfect your cheek line, mustache line, neckline, and areas around your ears.

I like the versatility of beard templates because I can decide if I want my lines curved, straight, or any combination of the two.

The tool you select will come down to personal preference and your specific facial hair styling needs, but I recommend selecting a sturdy plastic beard template that is see-through.

Being able to see your beard as you shape it is crucial to grooming success. 

Hand-Held Mirror


Speaking of being able to see your beard, a hand-held mirror is an important tool to have in your grooming arsenal. A hand-held mirror lets you see your beard from all angles, especially when used in conjunction with your bathroom mirror.

Because you can hold the mirror closer to your face, you can catch and correct trimming mistakes you might have missed otherwise.

If you’re out and about, your cell-phone camera can be a suitable replacement for a hand-held mirror.

Use these three tools regularly to keep your beard, neat, and well-maintained. Doing so, will keep you looking fantastic and help boost your confidence in the new year. 

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