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Indochino Grand Opening In The Galleria in Houston, TX
Risk is Key Showcases Menswear Line During Fresh Off the Rail Fashion Week in Houston
Jamel Hawk Fall/Winter 18 Menswear Collection at INCEPTION Fashion Show
Justin Timberlake Collaborates with Warby Parker to Create Three Limited-Edition Sunglasses
This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Justin Timberlake recently released his highly-anticipated album Man in the Woods. To celebrate “Wave,” a song from his new album, Timberlake partnered with Warby Parker to design three limited-edition sunglasses... Read more
Looking for Classic Style With a Twist? McQueen Can Help
I walked into McQueen’s shop and he stopped what he was doing to stare at me. As I walked closer, I noticed his gaze was fixed on my blazer. I was afraid that I had spilled something on it, but it turns out that I had committed a more... Read more
HENDRIXROE Brings Vintage Rock & Roll Style to Men’s Fashion
Chill Out with These Cool Frames from the Warby Parker Winter Collection
Every season, Warby Parker releases new and redesigned frames. For the Winter 2017 Collection, the designers channeled their inner geologists. These stunning frames come from a range of metals, acetates, and precious stones and are as entrancing as the precious stones and metals that inspired them—tree agate, sardonyx, and... Read more
André 3000 Collaborates with Tretorn to Create New Sneaker Collection
As a member of the Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum rap duo, Outkast, André 3000 Benjamin has had a huge impact on hip-hop culture. Not only did he influence the music, but he also influenced the fashion and style. When you think of a modern day fashion icon, André 3000 immediately... Read more
Get Ready for Winter with These Luxurious Turtlenecks
The turtleneck sweater can be both a fashion statement and a wardrobe staple. Beloved by beat poets, jazz musicians, artists, college professors, and visionary CEOs, this versatile article of clothing can be dressed up with a suit or worn casually with corduroy pants, jeans, or khakis. Add these luxurious turtlenecks to... Read more
Foot Locker Releases the Nas Inspired Timberland Volume VIII Boots
For October, The Legends Club, an exclusive and unique collaboration between Timberland and Foot Locker, is releasing the Timberland Volume VIII.  This modern take on the classic black 6″ boot is updated with asymmetrical straps, sleek blackout leather, fabric, and hardware. In a video to accompany the release, Hip-Hop legend... Read more