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6 Ways You Can Prevent Post-Workout Acne
Getting a great workout usually leaves you looking and feeling fantastic. That is unless you find that going to the gym causes your acne to flare up. Of course, you want to stay fit, but sacrificing clear skin doesn’t seem like a fair deal. Fortunately, there are some easy... Read more
3 Tools to Help You Up Your Beard Grooming Game for the New Year
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wahl. All opinions are my own. Let’s be honest. Maintaining a beard is a lot of work. You have to comb it, brush it, wash it, moisturize it, and our course, trim it regularly. However, keeping your beard looking great can be much... Read more
It’s Never Too Late for Men to Start a Skincare Routine
We’ve all seen those guys who—despite pushing 50—look like they could easily pass for 30. What’s their secret to aging so gracefully? While genetics and a healthy lifestyle probably have something to do with it, the real secret to their age-defying looks is a consistent skincare routine. Using the... Read more
Top 10 Moustaches in African American History
Among black men, 19 percent — nearly one in five — will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and five percent of those will die from this disease. In fact, prostate cancer is the fourth most common reason overall for death in African-American men. Last year, I lost my best... Read more
Taking care of your skin is an essential part of being healthy. Unfortunately, many men’s skin care regimen extends no further than a bar of soap, body wash, and some aftershave. “Men need to pay closer attention to their skin,” said Tim McComsey is a personal trainer, registered dietitian.... Read more
Gifts For Men Who Want to Look and Feel Good
This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. Last year I ate too much during the holiday season. This fact became evident when my collection of custom-made suits and shirts didn’t fit as well as they once did. In fact, they were quite tight. Not a good... Read more
This post is sponsored by Neutrogena. All opinions are my own. When I first I shaved off my hair, I didn’t do it to make a statement or to be trendy. I did it because I was cheap. Each week, I’d go to the barbershop, wait two hours, and... Read more
The Evolution of Grooming
This post is sponsored by Neutrogena Men. All opinions are my own. My grandfather’s face told the story of his life. He earned his leathery skin from decades of working as a sharecropper underneath the blazing Lousiana sun. No sunscreen. No moisturizer. Just salty sweat burning his eyes as... Read more
There are many reasons why men want to look their best, but the most popular motivation, cited by 41% of men surveyed, is to feel good about themselves. The other top reasons were making a good first impression (34%) and setting a good example for their children (25%). To look his best, the... Read more
Bevel Trimmer Was Designed with African-American Men’s Grooming Needs in Mind
Walker & Company Brands CEO, Tristan Walker is committed to making health and beauty simple for people of color. His first product to address this need was Bevel, a 5 part shaving system, including a specially-designed single blade safety razor, that has been clinically proven to reduce razor bumps and prevent irritation... Read more