How to Teach Your Son How to Shave

Learning to shave is a rite of passage that every young man is eager to experience. Their curiosity starts when they first notice their fathers’ faces covered with shaving cream.

When my son was 5 years old, he dragged a step stool into the bathroom and asked if he could shave too.

“Of course you can, son,” I said as a placed a dollop of shaving cream on both of his cheeks. He rubbed in the cream until he worked up a good lather.

“Look at me, Daddy,” he laughed. “I look like Santa Claus.” I smiled and patted him on the head.

“Are you ready to shave?” I asked.

“Yep,” he replied.

I gave him a razor that I had removed the blades from and showed him the proper shaving technique.

He mimicked me as we stared into the steamy bathroom mirror. We had a blast and we both remember that day with fondness.

Now, he is almost 17 years old and his facial hair is in full bloom. he recently asked me to teach him how to shave and I was happy to oblige.

If you’re ready to share this rite of passage with your son, here are a few steps you can take to make the most of it:

Lead By Example

Boys are fascinated by the process of shaving and are eager to learn as much as possible. Before your son is actually ready to shave, allow him to watch you. Talk about what you’re doing so he can begin to process the information. It’s never too early to start these lessons.

Make the First Time Special

When your son finally starts to sprout some facial hair, make a big deal of the occasion by telling him how mature he looks and presenting him with his own shaving kit.

It could be a family heirloom that’s been passed down through the generations or it could simply be a shaver and a can of shaving cream adorned with wrapping paper.

I purchased my son a limited-edition shaving kit and stored it in my closet until I was finally able to give it to him.

His face beamed with pride as he removed his shaver from the case and prepared for his first shave.

Use the Time to Bond

There will be few times in your life where you will have your son’s undivided attention.

Take advantage of this moment by extending the conversation beyond shaving. Let your son talk about things that are going on in his life.

Ask questions, show interest, and really listen to the things that he tells you. 

Teach Him Proper Technique

No one ever taught me proper shaving techniques and YouTube didn’t exist when I was growing up.

Therefore, I made many mistakes, cut myself several times, and damaged my skin. To prevent your son from suffering my fate, share these simple instructions with him:

Prepare Skin

Your son should begin by hydrating his skin. He can do this by washing his face in the sink or shower. 

This step will soften his facial hair, remove oil, dirt, and dead skin, and minimize nicks, cuts, and irritation while shaving.

Apply Shaving Product

Have your son apply shaving oil to his face and then lather with shaving cream or gel. These lubricants will improve razor glide and help reduce razor burn.

Use Light, Gentle Strokes

Teach your son to let the razor do the work. He should hold the shaver steady and use light, gentle strokes to remove the hair.

Depending on how his hair grows, your son will have to shave both with and against the grain. Ask him what feels most comfortable.

Advise him not to over-shave the same spot, as this can cause irritation

Keep the Razor Clean

As he shaves, your son should rinse his blades often to remove excess hair and shaving cream.

Moisturize Skin

After he has removed all of the facial hair, have your son wash his face with cool water to close the pores.

Hand him a towel to dry his face.

Next, give him a hydrating aftershave lotion to moisturize and soothe his skin.

Don’t Forget Clean Up

Show your son how to clean his tools, wipe down the sink and countertop, and sweep any loose hairs from the floor.

e should store the shaving elements where they are easily accessible the next time he needs them.

Teaching your son how to shave will be a special moment for you both. This small investment of time will strengthen your bond and improve your relationship. 

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