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Suicide Squad Character Profile: Will Smith as Deadshot
“Don’t forget. We’re the bad guys.” – Deadshot Will Smith knows a thing or two about playing a superhero on screen (see Hancock). In the new film, Suicide Squad, Smith switches sides and takes on the role of supervillain Deadshot, the world’s deadliest and most accurate marksman. To help... Read more
Comicpalooza, the Largest Comic-Con in Houston, Will be Held July 17-19, 2016
Since it’s beginnings in the lobby of the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in July of 2008, Comicpalooza’s goal has been to help local comic creators reach the media and the public. Over the years, it has grown into a multi-genre, comic book, science fiction, anime, gaming, and pop culture convention. I’ve been attending the... Read more
In New Marvel Video Series, Ta-Nehisi Coates Opens Up About Black Panther
Atlantic columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates is used to writing about controversial issues related to race and what it means to be an African-American male in the United States. But what happens when the National Book Award and MacArthur “Genius Grant” winner has to write about an African King who just... Read more
Netflix’s New Series,”Luke Cage,” Aspires to be “The Wire” of the Marvel Universe
Marvel and Netflix have become quite cozy with each other. The phenomenal success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones has solidified their partnership and led to other comic book characters’ (Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders) being added to Netflix’s queue of original programming. While I’m looking forward to... Read more
Which Side Will Storm Choose in X-Men: Apocalypse?
Storm is one of the world’s mightiest mutants and an X-Men leader, but in X-Men: Apocalypse, she becomes one of Apocalypse’s recruits as he sets out to create a new world order, over which he will reign. Watch this latest trailer to see Storm (played by Alexandra Shipp) in action.... Read more
See Will Smith as Deadshot in New Suicide Squad Trailer
Will Smith is not a newbie when it comes to the world of superheroes. He played a drunk, homeless hero in the movie Hancock and an intergalactic agent in Men in Black. His latest comic book role is Floyd Lawton a.k.a. Deadshot, an assassin with nearly superhuman aiming abilities.... Read more
Sorry Bruce Wayne, But Black Panther is the Richest Superhero
Being the king of your own nation has its perks. Especially when your kingdom is home to the only deposits of the world’s most precious metal. T’Challa (aka Black Panther), ruler of the fictional African nation, Wakanda, has an estimated worth of $500 Billion thanks to his country’s Vibranium... Read more
Storm Lights Up the Sky in X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer
Storm, one of the most prominent X-Men characters, shows off her ability to control the weather in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer. The daughter of a tribal princess from Kenya, but raised in Harlem and Cairo, Storm possesses natural leadership skills and some of the most formidable powers on the team.... Read more
Black Panther Shows Off Fighting Skills in New “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer
The thing that excited me most about the new Captain America movie was the inclusion of my favorite comic book character, Black Panther. Although I’ll have to wait a couple of years to see Black Panther in his own movie, I’m glad that I will be able to get... Read more
What Would Batman Drive? Probably a 2016 Jeep Renegade Dawn of Justice Special Edition
“You’re not afraid. You like chaos. The madder, the better. And in these times, we need that. We need you to rush in when everyone else is running away.” If Batman were to trade-in his Batmobile for another vehicle, which one would he chose? FCA believes that the only... Read more