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5 Creative Date Night Ideas
5 Creative Date Night Ideas

My fiancée and I love to go out for dinner and movie. It’s our standard date night because it’s easy, familiar and doesn’t require much planning. Although we enjoy these evenings together, we also like to mix things up to keep the creativity and conversation flowing in our relationship. Trying new things together keeps our relationship exciting and helps to strengthen our bond.

If you’re stuck in the dinner and a movie rut and want to explore some different date night options, try these five ideas:

Ballroom/Salsa Dancing

“Dancing with the Stars” has made Ballroom Dancing cool again. You don’t have to be Emmitt Smith to to learn a few new dance steps. Many nightclubs have ballroom or salsa dancing lessons that start about an hour before the club officially opens. Take your woman to the spot, learn a few steps and dance the night away.

Horseback Riding

I’m an outdoors person and I enjoy hanging out with animals. My fiancee, on the other hand is not as adventurous. However, she is willing to try new things for the sake of our relationship. If you can convince your mate to head out to the open spaces, you’ll be rewarded with an exciting adventure that you’ll both remember. Taking a trail ride, for example, is a fantastic way to spend some time together while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Round of Golf

I’m a competitive guy and my fiancee is also very competitive. It’s always fun to challenge each other in games of skill. Playing golf is one of our favorite activities because it is challenging and allows us to spend time outdoors. If you or your mate are interested in golf, you can take a few golf lessons together and then play a round of golf at your local public course. Playing golf is a fun way to spend time with your mate, but be careful. Golf is addictive!

Cooking Class

Learning how to cook is a practical skill men and women need to have. Learning new cooking techniques with your mate is a fun and interesting way to spend and evening together. You can learn to cook various cuisines and regional cooking styles. At the end of the night, you will enjoy a meal specially prepared by the one you love.

Wine-Tasting Event

Most urban areas have regular wine-tasting events, especially in the spring and summer.  Whether you are a connoisseur, or a casual drinker, wine-tasting events are great date events. The vendors share the background and history of the brands and many are very unique and intriguing.  Check out your local calendars for upcoming tasting events in your area.

These 5 date night ideas will not only keep your relationship fresh and exciting, but they will also inject a dose of fun into your dating life.

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