Jay Hurt, Author at Mocha Man Style
The Mt. Rushmore of NFL QBs: The 4 Best Quarterbacks of All-Time
It’s that’s time of year again. The 2014 NFL Draft happens May 8-10 in New York City. As usual, the Quarterbacks of the class are the topic of conversation. Is Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel a superstar in waiting or a bust? Blake Bortels and Derek Carr have NFL... Read more
5 Creative Date Night Ideas
The Enigma of Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman is not your average football player. He’s a Stanford Graduate with a major in Communications. He graduated second in his high school class, and he’s a dedicated student of the game. He studies wide receivers, quarterbacks, passing routes, and formations unlike anyone else in the league. Although he... Read more
3 Ways to Communicate Clearly and Effectively