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7 Active First Date Ideas
Throughout history, men have been seeking the perfect first date. It started with Adam and Eve. Their initial exchange probably went something like this: “Hi, I’m Adam, you wanna take a walk through the garden?” “Sure,” said Eve. “Maybe we can grab a bite to eat afterward. You like... Read more
Meeting someone new isn’t always easy. Should you sign up for an online dating service such as BlackPeopleMeet, eharmony, Match, Bumble, or Tinder? Or do you just go old-school and introduce yourself to a woman in the grocery store or at a bar? Before you decide your approach to... Read more
My fiancée and I love to go out for dinner and movie. It’s our standard date night because it’s easy, familiar and doesn’t require much planning. Although we enjoy these evenings together, we also like to mix things up to keep the creativity and conversation flowing in our relationship.... Read more