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The Columbia Crest 2014 Crowdsourced Cabernet Sauvignon is Finally Here!
Wine can be intimidating. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked to see the wine list and the server or sommelier hands you a book that is thicker than the volumes of Harry Potter? Overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, you randomly select a red wine that fits... Read more
The Crowd Has Spoken: 2014 Columbia Crest Crowdsourced Cabernet is Ready for Pre-Sale
Disclosure: I am a Columbia Crest Crowdsourced Cabernet ambassador. All opinions are my own. For years, the art of winemaking has been shrouded in mystery. People have been amazed by skilled masters who took grapes from the vine and transformed them into a magnificent libation. To make winemaking more... Read more
A Passion for Wine Making is the Secret to Columbia Crest’s Success
“Wine making is a labor of love,” said Juan Muñoz-Oca, Head Winemaker at Columbia Crest. “You don’t do it for the money. You do it because it is your passion.” Spend a few minutes with Muñoz-Oca and his passion is evident. Unlike the stereotypical wine guy who is snobbish and... Read more
Columbia Crest Crowdsourced Cabernet Wants You to Be the E.C.O.
Have you ever wanted to make wine? I’m not talking about that fermented grape juice you have stored in mason jars in the basement. I’m talking about the good stuff. The kind of wine that comes from award-winning Washington winery, Columbia Crest. I know what you’re thinking – “I’m... Read more
Columbia Crest Makes Winemaking Accessible with it’s Crowdsourced Cabernet
Columbia Crest Winemaker Juan Muñoz-Oca Shares His Passion for Wine
Columbia Crest Turns Wine Drinkers Into Winemakers with Crowdsourced Cabernet
My home state of Texas has several vineyards, and I often visit the wineries with my friends to sample the local wine varieties. After a few trips, however, I realized that my friends weren’t so keen on my tagging along. I’m the guy who asks all of the questions on the wine making... Read more