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Letter from the Editor: Women’s History Month
I recently started a project to chronicle our family’s history. It started as a labor of love for my children, but it has grown into something much more satisfying. My project began when I discovered that no one in our family could find any photographs of my maternal grandmother.... Read more
Letter from the Editor: Show Love Beyond Valentine’s Day
I hear many men grumble about Valentine’s Day. They often say, “Why do I need a special occasion to show love for my partner? I do it every day.” I can relate to this grumbling because I’ve done my fair share of it. I guess you could call me... Read more
Letter from the Editor: 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Dads
A new year always leads to self-reflection. We evaluate our successes and failures from the previous year and make plans to do better. As dads, we know that our kids deserve our best at all times, but we sometimes fall short of that mark. However, we can take steps... Read more
Letter from the Editor: Three Keys to Happiness This Holiday Season
We are in the midst of the holiday season when we’re supposed to feel happy and joyful. For many people, the holidays are a dismal time. Depression, despair, and sadness abound. I’ve experienced these feeling and I know how hard it can be. I felt a deep sense of... Read more
Letter From the Editor: African American Men and Prostate Cancer
When I turned 40, I went to the doctor for my annual exam. I dreaded it all day, but I knew it was necessary. I entered the examination room and sat in a chair in the corner. The nurse entered the room and checked my vital signs. “Your blood... Read more
Letter from the Editor: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
For many years, I have supported efforts to end domestic violence. Whether it’s volunteering at a local women’s shelter, donating money to organizations, or using my online platforms to spread the message, I’m always eager to lend my voice to the cause. Recently, I met a young man whose... Read more
Letter from the Editor: The Power of a Father’s Hand
The last time I saw my father, I noticed that a piece of his finger was missing. Although my dad and I didn’t see each other that often, I was surprised that I never noticed it before. “What happened to your finger?” I asked. He looked at his hand... Read more
Letter From the Editor: A Like is Not An Indicator of Self-Worth
Instagram recently started removing likes on posts as part of a trial for changes on the platform. The social media network hopes that by removing likes, people will feel less “pressure” around the content they post. This announcement made me think about an encounter I had with some students... Read more
Letter From the Editor: Freedom Ain’t Free
July is a time when we celebrate America’s Independence. As I write this, I’m reading news reports on how President Trump will have military equipment at the National Celebration in Washington, DC. Many people are upset that he would use this occasion to display America’s military might. This whole... Read more
Letter From the Editor: Deadbeat Dads
Recently, I noticed a Twitter exchange about fatherhood between one of my followers and another person. My follower, who I will call Jeff, posted an innocuous article about the changing face of fatherhood. The story explained how African American dads are more involved in their children’s lives than ever before.... Read more