Exercise Your Right to Vote on Election Day (or before)

your right to vote 2020

One reason why I vote is to set an example for my children. I want them to understand that your right to vote is something we cannot take for granted.

This year, my daughter voted in her first presidential election. Taking her to vote with me was a proud parenting moment that I will always treasure.

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Voting is one way to strengthen your community, protect our democracy, and make your voice heard. So many things are at stake in this election and we cannot afford to stay silent. 

 If you are registered to vote, do your part and vote in this year’s election. Your vote gives you the power to shape our nation’s future.

Make a plan to vote right now! Vote early, via mail, or on Election Day (November 3, 2020). 

Don’t let the voter suppression tactics keep you from the polls. Don’t let the misinformation confuse or discourage you. Do your research and exercise your right to vote!

Remember, your vote is power. You can usher in positive change by placing your ballot on election day or before.

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