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The Most Comfortable Shirt You’ll Ever Own
A man’s T-shirt is a very personal thing. Some men wear graphic-printed tees that advertise who they are and what they like. Others prefer a more subtle approach and wear basic tees in solid colors or with simple designs. There is even a contingent of guys who still have an... Read more
5 Looks from the East Dane One Year Anniversary Exclusive Capsule Collection
There are millions of places to shop on the internet. However, there are relatively few places to find high quality, fashionable menswear in one place. Retailer East Dane noticed this void and filled it with an online store that’s easy-to-use and features exquisite clothing from top designers. Launched in 2013... Read more
Lecrae Performs His Hit Song “Nuthin'” on The Tonight Show
Lecrae, whose album Anomaly is currently number one on the Billboard 200 Album chart, became the first Christan rapper to appear on a late night show. He sat in with The Roots on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to performed his hit song, “Nuthin’.” Based on the Luniz’s... Read more
Landlady – A Band Worth Discovering Right Now
Urgent and abstract, whimsical and shape-shifting, Landlady wins hearts even when heads aren’t 100% sure of what’s happening. Take this lyric from the Brooklyn-based outfit’s song, “Washington State is Important,” for example: “I am as loving as I can / I pledge allegiance to my frying pan” from “Washington State is... Read more
Public Enemy Performs “Public Enemy No. 1”
Public Enemy hit the hip-hop scene in 1987 with their debut album, Yo! Bum Rush the Show. This album wasn’t the same boast-fest that other hip-hop acts were releasing at the time. Yo! Bum Rush the Show was filled with anger, aggression, and thought-provoking lyrics. The music, produced by... Read more
Dodge Boosts Power and Reduces Price on New 2015 Dodge Viper
Nas: Time is Illmatic [Trailer]
Twenty years after the release of Nas’s groundbreaking debut album Illmatic, the new documentary, NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC takes us into the heart of his creative process. Returning to his childhood home in Queensbridge, Nas shares stories of his upbringing, his influences — from the music of his jazz... Read more
Dodge Introduces Blacktop Package for Durango
“Memphis” is an Ethereal and Mesmerizing Independent Film [Trailer]
A strange, unstable singer drifts through the ancient oak trees, shattered windows, and burning spirituality of the mystical city of Memphis on a path of self-discovery. Although he has “God-given” talent, he resists the pull of the recording studio in favor of other pursuits. His journey, which is shown in fragments,... Read more
Toyota FT-1 Concept Car May be One Step Closer to Production