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5 Menswear Designers to Watch at Vancouver Fashion Week
Vancouver Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated fashion events in the world. Each year, it draws a horde of designers, journalists, retailers, photographers, and fashionistas from around the globe. This year’s event will feature a crop of talented menswear designers who are determined to revolutionize the world of men’s... Read more
Tie Society Helps to Overcome the Status Quo
I worked at a conservative engineering firm where we were required to wear a suit and tie every day. Most guys alternated between their navy and gray suits with nondescript neckwear or red power ties if they were higher up in the hierarchy. This uninspired uniform didn’t sit well with... Read more
Ammo&Amor Combines Luxury and Simplicity in New Line of Street Wear
It’s a great time to be a young fashion designer because the gatekeepers are gone. While it’s true that the fashion elite still control the majority of the market, designers with talent, passion and drive can make their mark in the fashion world without having to take the traditional... Read more
Maui Jim Sunglasses Give Your Face a Taste of the Islands
For much of my life, I bought cheap sunglasses. If they were good enough for ZZ Top, they were good enough for me. But I soon realized that cheap sunglasses were costing me a lot of money. Because the sunglasses cost just a few bucks, I was careless with them. I... Read more
Celebrities Show Their Style at the 2014 BET Awards
I like fashion and I like cars. I love it when these two worlds converge. At the 2014 BET Awards, some of the top African-American musicians, actors, comedians, and politicians flaunted their style on the red carpet. Of course there were hits (see Chris Rock) and misses (see Busta Rhymes). Many... Read more
Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Custom-Tailored Shirts from Knot Standard
When I worked in corporate America, my office had a business-casual dress code. The company was very conservative, and employees were more concerned with fitting in than standing out. Most of the guys wore the basic corporate uniform – pleated khakis and ill-fitting button-down shirts. However, one of my mentors stood out by wearing tailored... Read more
The Future of Men’s Fashion
Men’s fashion is constantly evolving. I remember wearing boxy 3-button suits in the 90s only to replace them with the slimmer cuts of today. I can also remember Parachute Pants, Rayon Club shirts, Overalls, and 8-Ball Jackets, even though I often try to forget. But what does the future of... Read more
8 Cool Kickstarter Men’s Fashion Projects
When you think about Kickstarter, you probably don’t think about cutting edge fashion. But there are thousands of fashion entrepreneurs who are working to change your mind. From custom made shirts to denim to footwear, Kickstarter is a hotbed of fashion for men. Here is a list of some our... Read more
Top 10 American Cities with the Most Fashionable Men
It is a common misconception that American men don’t care about fashion as much as guys in fashion meccas such as Milan, Paris, and London. But if you pay close attention to men across the country, you will realize that American men have a sense of style that is... Read more
How to Buy Cowboy Boots