9 Foods to Try at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

I look forward to attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year.

I love seeing everyone dressed in Western outfits and cowboy boots, listening to popular artists in concert, and my favorite part, eating the fair food.

This year, I sampled various items from Fun Biz Fair Food, a full-service concessions, catering, and entertainment company. Their foods and futuristic concepts have been featured at fairs (such as the Texas State Fair) and expositions for over a decade.

If you’re wondering what to eat, here are 9 foods to try at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Turkey Leg

Grilled Turkey Legs at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Turkey legs on the grill at the Steak Out food stand

The Turkey Leg is my go-to food at any fair or festival and the turkey legs at the Steak Out stand are delicious.

They are locally sourced and all-natural. I’ve eaten turkey legs and were unnaturally huge because they were pumped with growth hormones. They were slimy and unappealing.

Eating the turkey leg at the rodeo was a more satisfying experience.

Turkey leg at the Houston livestock show and rodeo
Smoky, juicy turkey leg

Biting through the crisp skin yielded a satisfying crackle. Beneath it lay a layer of juicy, tender, smoky meat. The seasoning was perfect – a subtle blend of herbs and spices that didn’t overpower the natural flavor of the turkey.

If you’ve never eaten a turkey leg before, be warned. It’s messy. There is no way to be cute when eating a turkey leg. Be prepared for grease-drizzled fingers and have plenty of napkins on hand.

Despite the mess, the turkey leg is a classic for a reason. It’s hearty, flavorful, and undeniably satisfying.

Beef Kabob

The Beef Kabob is a nice combination of savory beef and crunchy vegetables

The Beef Kabob is another fair staple that’s worthy of trying.

I enjoyed watching the grill master cook the kabobs right in front of me. The aroma was a delightful mix of smoky beef and slightly caramelized vegetables.

The kabobs are always grilled fresh

The star of the show, of course, was the beef.

It was well-seasoned with satisfying char on the outside and a juicy interior.

The peppers offered a welcome pop of sweetness and a hint of smoky char, while the onions provided a touch of sharpness that cut through the richness of the beef.

Although the Beef Kabob wasn’t the most adventurous option, the familiar combination of flavors and textures did not disappoint.

The Texas Twinkie

Jalapeños stuffed with brisket and wrapped in bacon

The Texas Twinkie (formerly The Texas Torpedo) is a jalapeño stuffed with brisket and wrapped in bacon. This is one of those creative foods that you expect at the fair.

The jalapeño had a nice bite, and the bacon offered a salty crunch. But the brisket was a bit of a letdown. It lacked the depth of flavor I craved. It would have also benefited from a spicier kick. The overall spice level was also mild, barely registering a tingle on the tongue.

Overall, the Texas Twinkie wasn’t a bad bite, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations.

Brisket Baked Potato

A massive baked potato stuffed with BBQ brisket

Everything is big in Texas and this mammoth Brisket Baked Potato proves that point.

This potato is perfectly fluffy and overflowing with tender, melt-in-your-mouth chunks of brisket, sharp cheddar cheese, and a drizzle of sweet BBQ sauce.

Each mouthful was a delightful explosion of taste and texture.

It’s a perfect marriage of classic comfort food and smoky Texas barbecue. Just be aware of the massive portion size and be prepared to share.

Deep Fried Nachos

Deep Fried Nachos are a flavor delight

No day at the rodeo is complete without trying something deep-fried.

The Deep Fried Nachos don’t disappoint.

Imagine this: crispy tortilla chips transformed into golden spheres with gooey cheese inside. These deep-fried delights are then covered with nacho cheese and topped with jalapenos.

Biting into the crispy shell and experiencing a cheesy eruption is a delightful carnival experience.

Tater Dog

The Tater Dog is a play on the traditional Corn Dog

The Tater Dog is a play on a traditional corn dog.

Instead of using a cornmeal batter, the sausage is wrapped in rings of fried potatoes.

While the concept held promise, the execution could have been better.

The sausage offered a satisfying savory bite, but the potato rings were a bit soggy. I was hoping for crispy potatoes to provide a crunchy contrast to the sausage.

If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try, but you may be disappointed if you’re craving something crunchy.

Sweet and Spicy Pork Wings

Sweet and Spicy Pork Wings will make you rethink traditional wings

The Sweet and Spicy Pork Wings make an intriguing dish.

It starts with cuts of pork shaped to resemble chicken wing drums. Then they are coated in a sweet, spicy glaze.

The pork was perfectly grilled – tender with a bit of crunch. However, the “wing” shape felt a bit like a gimmick.

I enjoyed the glaze. The sweetness offered a nice counterpoint to the savory pork and the spice level was just right.

The dish comes with fries on the side, offering a salty contrast to the sweet and spicy glaze.

The Fruity Pebbles Pineapple Shrimp Bowl

The pineapple treat not only looks good, but also tastes good

The Houston Rodeo is all about unexpected flavor combinations, and the Fruity Peebles Pineapple Shrimp Bowl delivers.

This dish features succulent grilled shrimp nestled atop a bed of fluffy rice within a hollowed-out half of fresh pineapple. The dish is topped with Fruity Pebbles cereal for added flavor, texture, and color.

The concept is undeniably fun and visually appealing.

The sweetness of the fresh pineapple provides a delightful counterpoint to the savory flavors of the marinated shrimp and fluffy rice.

However, I would have liked more shrimp in the dish, especially considering the large size of the pineapple “bowl.”

I didn’t really care for the Fruity Peebles, but they made the dish more interesting. You can order a version without the Fruity Pebbles.

Overall, I enjoyed it and would consider making it at home.

Chicken Donut Sandwich

The Chicken Donut Sandwich is a must-try for adventurous eaters

The Chicken Donut Sandwich is an audacious creation that layers a piece of crispy, golden-fried chicken between two glazed donuts. You won’t find this at Chick-fil-A.

When you bite into the sandwich, you get a flavor explosion. To me, it has the flavor profile of chicken and waffles.

The sweetness of the donuts melts into the savory crunch of the chicken. It also has a hint of spice which is a nice surprise.

You must try the Chicken Donut Sandwich if you’re an adventurous eater.

It’s a bold, creative option that offers a unique flavor experience.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a Culinary Adventure

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a culinary adventure unlike any other.

Come hungry and ready to explore a world of outrageous eats.

Be adventurous, explore new flavors, and create unforgettable memories.

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