90-Day Blood Pressure Challenge: Monitoring Progress with the OMRON Connect App

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For the past few years, I’ve been focused on managing my blood pressure.

When I was first diagnosed with hypertension, I was shocked. I had no symptoms and I felt healthy. I wouldn’t have known about my condition had I not visited the doctor for my annual medical exam.

Now I religiously keep track of my blood pressure numbers.

In a previous post, I discussed my 90 Day Blood Pressure Challenge. I committed to measuring my blood pressure daily, exercising regularly, eating better, and reducing stress.

So far, I am keeping my commitments and noticing improvements in my overall health.

One thing that has helped to keep me on track is the OMRON Connect app.

I used to track my blood pressure numbers in my journal, but I’ve switched to the recently revamped OMRON Connect app because it is easier and more convenient.

I synced the app to my OMRON Complete via Bluetooth. With the Connect app, I can keep track of key areas of my health.

Omron Connect App

OMRON Connect App Tracks Blood Pressure


omron connectWhen I measure my blood pressure with my OMRON Complete, the results are recorded directly in the corresponding app, Connect to help me to keep track of my numbers over time.

Over the past month, my blood pressure has been consistent and below the hypertensive levels.

During my last doctor visit, I was able to show my doctor my progress via the app and he told me I was doing great and to keep on with my current regime.

OMRON Connect App Tracks Heart Health

The OMRON Complete has a built-in EKG monitor which helps me to keep track of my heart health. This is especially helpful because I’ve had a history of heart-related health issues.

The EKG records the electrical activity of my heart to check my heart rhythm, see if I have poor blood flow to my heart muscle, and diagnose a heart attack.

All of this data is stored in the Connect app which I can also share with my doctor. I can also track trends over time with new color-coded health graphs

OMRON Connect App Tracks Weight

OMRON Connect even keeps track of my weight to help me achieve my broader health and fitness goals.

OMRON Connect App Helps You Reach Your Health Goals

omron connect app

I must admit I was initially reluctant to load my personal health information in an app, but the OMRON Connect has made me a convert.

It is safe, secure, and filled with useful insights to help me manage my blood pressure and heart health.

I also like that it provides daily insights such as the one below:

Omron connect app daily insights

If you need a reliable tool to help you monitor your numbers and reach your health goals, I recommend the OMRON Connect App.

You can download it from your favorite app store and pair it with an OMRON Device: Omron Complete, OMRON HeartGuide, or OMRON Body Composition Monitor and Scale.

Not only will the app keep you well-informed about your health, but it will also motivate you to make adjustments and keep improving.

P.S. – If you’re participating in the 90-Day Blood Pressure Challenge, please send me a note to let me know how you’re doing. 

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