10 Foods That Will Help You Get Six-Pack Abs

While a steady regime of cardio, weight-lifting, and calisthenics can help you to stay in shape, there is no miraculous way of obtaining six-pack abs.

However, there is one thing you can do to make your abs more visible and it starts in the kitchen.

To get six-pack abs, it is essential that you follow a healthy diet that is high in nutrients and protein and low in calories, refined carbohydrates, and fat.

“Many people spend endless hours in the gym dreaming of getting an “ideal” body, but they fail to do so because they don’t follow a proper diet plan,” said New York Certified Fitness trainer and nutritionist Franci Cohen. “All the hard work you do in the gym will not reveal your abs until you begin eating clean.”

10 Foods That Will Help You Get Six-Pack Abs

If you’re ready to sculpt your abs into a well-defined six-pack, start by adding these 10 power-packed foods to your diet.

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what to eat to get six-pack abs

Chicken Breasts

chicken breast help get six-pack abs

Chicken is a great source of lean animal protein that is always recommended by fitness experts.

In fact, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ate at least 16 oz of chicken breasts each day while he was training for Hercules.

It is best to eat chicken breasts for lunch so you can fully utilize the muscle-building food to generate energy for your grueling after-work ab routine in the gym.


oatmeal helps you get six-pack abs

Oatmeal is a low-calorie/high fiber food that helps regulate the sugar level in your body. Because oatmeal is high in fiber, it helps you to feel full and satiated longer.

Boiled Eggs

eggs help you get six-pack abs

Boiled eggs can give a kick start to your mornings. The egg white is high in protein, has zero fat, and can be a great asset in fostering the growth of lean muscle mass.


whole milk

Milk plays a vital role in building your abs because it is a great source of protein.

If you don’t like the taste of milk, you blend it with some fresh berries for a sweet fruity breakfast shake that offers both protein and immune-boosting water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins C and B.

Soy, oat, and almond milk are good alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant.


fish helps you get six-pack abs

Fish is the healthiest source of lean proteins. Salmon, for example, not only helps to build muscle mass, but it also contains heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, mainly DHA and EPA.

With the many different varieties of fish available, you will have many tasty options to choose from.

Avoid fried fish. Instead, prepare your fish by grilling or baking.

Visit Vital Choice for the world’s finest wild seafood.


nuts help to get six-pack abs

Nuts are the perfect combination of protein, fat, and fiber.

They provide your body with the right amount of energy and are portable so you can carry them anywhere and anytime.

Almonds are perhaps the best nuts for your diet.

Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese helps you get six-pack abs

Cottage cheese contains a slow-digesting dairy protein called casein that will help keep you full and satiated for longer periods of time.



Chickpeas are great sources of dietary fiber. Additionally, when paired with the opposing amino acid, chickpeas get digested as a protein.

They also contain vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

You can consume chickpeas either boiled or spouted.

Lean Beef

what is the best lean steak

Lean beef contains the greatest amount of protein with the least amount of fat.

It is an amazing source of iron and vitamins and can contribute greatly to the growth of muscle mass.



Lentils are the secret weapon of many bodybuilders. They contain dietary fibers that support slow digestion.

Like chickpeas, lentils become a complete protein when paired with their complementary amino acids, and can directly promote the growth of muscle tissue.

Final Advice for Getting Six-Pack Abs

Sculpting six-pack abs is no easy task, especially in men, where the abdominals region is where fat tends to accumulate first.

However, you can get rid of that overlying fat, which is necessary to allow those bulging six-packs to shine through, by making good choices at mealtime.

In addition to eating well, you should also try adding vitamins to your routine. Here is a list of 7 vitamin supplements that contribute to men’s health.

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