How to Make Your Wife Fall in Love With You Again

After being in a relationship for several years, you may start to notice that your wife doesn’t look at you the way she once did.

Sure you may have gained a few pounds and lost a little hair, but you’ve still got it. However, she seems to be less interested in it and more interested in binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Don’t worry.

You have the power to shift her focus back to you by becoming that ravishing hunk who swept her off her feet in the first place. Here are a few ideas to show you how to make your wife fall in love with you again.

how to make your wife fall in love with you again

Make Your Wife Fall In Love Again By Showing Your Vulnerable Side

People mistake vulnerability for weakness. Vulnerability is strength. It takes incredible courage to reveal your innermost thoughts, doubts, and fears.

When you share these things with your partner, you build a strong connection that draws you closer together.

She will be honored that you trusted her enough to display your vulnerable side (also read 5 Ways To Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship)

Make Your Wife Fall In Love Again By Being More Considerate

Don’t take your wife for granted.

Take the time to show her some consideration.

Compliment her.

Help out around the house.

Take the kids out so she can have some time alone.

Let her know how much you love and appreciate her (also read 18 Ways to Be Romantic – Tips for Men).

Make Your Wife Fall In love With You Again By Improving Your Grooming Habits

Remember those days when you used to boast about going three days without showering? Stop doing that. Showering is good and your partner will appreciate it if you do it daily.

Also, keep your hair and nails trimmed and neat. Use lip balm. Whiten your teeth if needed. Moisturize. And keep mints handy.

Finally, find a cologne that your partner loves and wear it on special occasions (Don’t make these 5 Grooming Mistakes).

Make Your Wife Fall in Love With You Again By Getting Back Into Shape

After I got married, I gained 25 pounds.

My wife never complained about my extra girth, but I realized that I needed to lose some weight for health reasons.

After I started working out and my flab melted away, my wife showered me with compliments and couldn’t resist touching my newly toned body parts. Her attention motivated me to maintain my fitness routine.

If you’ve allowed yourself to pack on a few extra pounds, it’s not too late to get back in shape.

Start slowly with an activity that you love and soon you will start to notice a difference in your stamina and the way your clothes fit.

More importantly, your partner will take a renewed interest in how you look.

Make Your Wife Fall In Love With You Again by Updating Your Wardrobe

It’s great that your high school football jersey still fits, but it’s probably time to retire it along with your old, cut-off shorts.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you should purchase a few staples that will freshen your wardrobe.

A pair of good-fitting jeans, a crisp white shirt, a navy blazer, a tailored suit, some khakis, a couple of pairs of shoes (dressy and casual), and some classy accessories (watch, tie, sunglasses) are all you need to add a dash of flair that will make her look twice (Need style tips? Visit our Fashion section).

Make Your Wife Fall In Love Again By Honing Your Sense of Humor

Early in our relationship, my wife told me that one of the things that attracted her to me was my wry, sense of humor. Since that moment, I’ve been honing my comedic chops.

You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make your partner laugh. All you need to do is find the humor in everyday events.

Learning to laugh at yourself is a plus. A man with a sense of humor shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Make Your Wife Fall In Love With You Again By Believing in Yourself

Confidence is an attractive trait. But don’t confuse it with arrogance. Confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities. Arrogance is an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner.

Your wife will respond to your confidence with admiration and respect. However, if you’re arrogant, you will be rebuffed (also read How to be More Confident)

These 7 tips will help you reignite the passion in your relationship. Your words and actions have the power to make your wife fall in love with you all over again.

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