Top 5 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

I’ve made many grooming mistakes in my lifetime.

I’ve dry-shaved with a cheap drugstore shaver, washed my hair with a bar of soap, exposed the world to my ashy knees, and held on to hairstyles longer than I should have (my red, Gumby haircut was perhaps the worst).

Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes.

However, some guys continue to make grooming mistakes.

Some are minor such as failing to keep your fingernails trimmed, but others are egregious such as failing to bathe regularly (if you use public transportation, you’ve probably encountered these guys).

Professional stylist Jason Schneidman has seen all of these mistakes and more.

With a roster of clients that includes Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, Hugh Jackman, and Jimmy Fallon, Schneidman helps men look their best.

“A man should look and feel carefree and confident in the way he dresses and the way he wears his hair,” Schneidman said.

Being well-groomed goes a long way towards instilling confidence.

However, you can detract from your appearance and send the wrong message by making an easily avoidable grooming faux pas.

According to Schneidman, these are the top five grooming mistakes men make.

Keeping the Same Look

Just like your clothes, your hair and facial hair could use a refresh sometimes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new and trendy.

Whether it’s growing out your beard or trying a different haircut, a fresh look can be a great way to show off your confidence.

Forgetting to Moisturize Your Hair

As you get older, your hair can lose moisture and become dry, thin, and lifeless.

Ditch the generic shampoos you’ve been using and switch to something that helps.

Look for products like Dove Men+Care 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner that add moisture, strengthen hair, and make it look thicker.

Settling for a Barber

Many guys find a barber they like and keep going back, even if they’re not thrilled with the haircut.

But loyalty shouldn’t be the only reason.

If you’re unhappy, talk to your barber! Tell them exactly what you want.

If they can’t make it work, it’s time to find a new barber. A good way to do that is to ask someone with a haircut you admire where they go.

They might be able to recommend their barber.

Avoiding Styling Product

Don’t be afraid to try some styling products. But choose ones that work for your hair type.

For coarse or curly hair, cream or oil-based stylers are great. Look for words like “sheen” or “pomade” on the label. These will help tame your hair and add a bit of moisture.

Skip products with alcohol (like hairspray) because they dry your hair out, making it frizzy and weak.

Neglecting Your Face

More than half of guys don’t have a skincare routine, even though they know looking good can help them succeed.

But it’s actually pretty easy to get started.

All you really need to do is wash your face twice a day, moisturize, and wear sunscreen. Keeping it simple is key so you can stick with it.

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