What Do Dads Want for Father’s Day

We recently surveyed 300 Mocha Man Style readers about Father’s Day.

According to our findings, nearly one-third of dads (32 percent) confessed they’ve had family members who completely forgot about them on Father’s Day.

More than half (57 percent of fathers) confessed to receiving a Father’s Day gift they did not like.

Some of the worst Father’s Day gifts included a painted rock, a tie with Santa Clauses on it, and a coffee mug – for the 4th year in a row.

To prevent dads from being disappointed this year, I asked dads to tell me exactly what they want for Father’s Day.

father's day gifts

Many dads simply want some time to themselves while others want power tools, technology, or a nice home-cooked meal.

But the main thing dads want is their families’ love, appreciation, and respect.

Scroll down to find out what dads really want for Father’s Day. Maybe you will discover a few Father’s Day gift ideas for your own dad.

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The Simple Things In Life

father's day
  • I would like a nice home-cooked meal with the family, a thoughtful gift that’s not necessarily expensive, and a little quiet time with the remote. – Zachery Martin
  • A bag of peanut M&Ms that I don’t have to share – Carl Williams
  • A full day of sleeping. – Cedric Ward
  • I want to spend the day with my children and godchildren. We can put something on the grill and enjoy the day. – Alex DJ-Linc Williams
  • A cigar. – Jeremy Reneau
  • More than 6 hours of sleep. – Christopher Griffin
  • I just want my daughter and wife with me for Father’s Day. – Richard Lowe
  • Peace and quiet – Al Miller
  • Just a peaceful day. I don’t want to watch any kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my grandkids, but Father’s Day is the only day I can have for me and I am going to take it. – Kenny Simmons Sr.
  • All I want for Father’s Day is the love of my children and my wife and a gourmet dinner. – Logan Kearse
  • Coconut cake and a card. – Justin Credible
  • Just a card and a big cuddle and I’m happy. – Rich Bennie
  • A whole day to myself. No demands. Watch whatever I want. Nap as I choose. Just sit in sweet sweet solitude. – Cliff Parker
  • For Father’s Day, a nice quiet family day is good for me. – Steven Kitchener
  • A tattoo with my daughter’s baby footprint and the day she was born. – Thomas Jackson
  • Honestly, a day where I don’t have to do any cooking/washing up is enough for me. – Owain Jones
  • A handwritten letter or card from my kids – Oren Hutchins

Tools & Auto Parts

tools for father's day
  • A K&N Cold Air Filter or a Ram Air induction Hood and system for my truck. – Damon Williams
  • I would like a bench vise and a belt sander. – Matthew Thomas
  • I want a power washer. – Osa NKante
  • A Pellet Smoker would be nice – Robert Nanez
  • I want a Pit Boss combo grill. – Troy Gladden
  • I want a steak grate for my Pit Boss. – Damian Cunningham

A Stiff Drink

black man holding a glass of wine
  • ScotchThomas Mann & Si French
  • What I want is a bottle of Jack and a two-liter of Coke so I can sip and chill while I grill. – Anton Baldwin
  • A good bottle of red wineFrancisco Gomez
  • A subscription to a whiskey clubJesse Thomas


iphone 12
  • I don’t have any real desires for Father’s Day. Maybe…a microphone for a podcast. – L. Dijon Anderson
  • A new Galaxy Watch. – Corey Jamal Brown
  • A new mic for my PC – Richard Kearney
  • I would like a new iPhone – Jason Washington
  • I want a GoPro so I can record my fishing trips – Carl Carey
  • I need a new printer for my home office – Greg Porter
  • Some AirPods would be nice – Michael Johnson
  • I want some Beats Headphones – Robert Gallegos
  • A new 70″ TV would be nice – Timothy Smith

Clothing and Accessories

Bertucci C-1T Lusso Field Watch

Health & Fitness

jump rope
  • Some new wrist wraps and an SBD lifting belt. – Drew Felician
  • Any Santa Cruz full-suspension mountain bike. – Ben Birkett
  • Maybe my kids will pitch in and get me one of those Peloton bikes (LOL) – Mike Francis
  • I want a weighted jump rope for my home gym – Mark Kelso

Love and Appreciation

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  • I’d simply like for fathers to get the same love and support as mothers on Mother’s Day. Good Mother or Bad Mother, women get the red carpet treatment for Mother’s Day. And I believe we all are smart enough to know by now, that all women aren’t good mothers. Just like all men aren’t good fathers. However, there are good men out there that are walking the walk and talking the talk. They are taking care of their families and providing exactly as they should. Do better than a new pair of socks, underwear, and a Happy Father’s Day utterance that’s treated like another day. Don’t make these men, these fathers, feel like they are a transaction and/or only there to be an ATM (bank). Give us our damn day of real appreciation like mothers get theirs. Not some forced, lazy, and wimpy-sounding Happy Father’s Day that has the potential of making men feel unappreciated in their own home. – Bobby Bryant
  • I’m not big on gifts (in part because I bad at picking them for other people, so I feel bad excepting them from people), so when it comes to holidays that usually involve gift-giving, I’m fine with a card and words and appreciation and affirmation. – Randal Gaddis II
  • I just want to hear my kids say “I love you, Dad.” – Michael Nichols

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