How to Manage Heart Health with OMRON Healthcare Innovations and Lifestyle Changes

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“OMRON saved my life,” said Frederick Goodall, founder of “These blood pressure monitors have become part of my daily routine and I now use Complete to monitor my recently-diagnosed AFib. These innovations have helped me manage my condition and understand what my numbers mean, which has motivated me to take action for my heart health.”

For the past few years, I’ve been on a journey to improve my heart health. 

The catalyst for this lifestyle change was my suffering a stroke in 2019 and discovering I had AFib. Thankfully, neither of these conditions have caused long-term damage. But they’ve made me much more cognizant of my overall health.

I’ve worked closely with my primary care physician, cardiologist, and neurologist to create a plan that will improve my overall health and prevent my risk of further complications.

Four Major Lifestyle Changes to Improve Heart Health 

I’ve made four major lifestyle changes that have significantly helped me to better monitor and improve my heart health. These changes have helped me to feel better and improve my overall quality of life.

Monitor My Blood Pressure Daily

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Monitoring my blood pressure on a regular basis probably prevented my stroke from being more severe.

In 2018, I noticed that my blood pressure was high and had entered into the hypertensive range. I immediately scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

My physician prescribed medication to lower my blood pressure. Had I not taken immediate action to lower my blood pressure, my stroke could have caused paralysis or even death.

Now I monitor my blood pressure daily with the OMRON Complete and OMRON HeartGuide and record my numbers so I’m always aware of any fluctuations.

Change My Eating Habits

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In order to maintain my heart health, I’ve had to change the way I cook and eat.

  • I’ve significantly reduced the amount of sodium and fat in my diet
  • I’ve eliminated fried foods
  • I’ve reduced my consumption of red meat
  • I’ve included more fresh fruits and vegetables

I’ve also worked with my doctors to include vitamin supplements in my daily routine.

Be More Active

OMRON Heart Health

Working at home and sitting in front of a computer all day has made it difficult to exercise. But I’ve created opportunities to move.

I follow along with YouTube video workouts, play catch in the park with my sons, and take my dog on extended walks.

My favorite form of exercise in skating and skateboarding with my children. I really enjoy these activities because they bring back fond memories of my childhood and are fun.

Reduce Stress

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Stress was a contributing factor to my having a stroke. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to reduce stress in my life.

Although 2020, was stressful for many reasons, I try to manage my stress through breathing exercises, reading, creating art, and enjoying time with my friends and family.

Managing Heart Health with OMRON Innovations

OMRON Healthcare VitalSight

During my heart-healthy journey, I have partnered with OMRON Healthcare to share my story and encourage others to change their habits. 

I joined OMRON Healthcare at the all-virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 during their LIVE Spotlight Session to share my heart health journey and how OMRON helped save my life. 

OMRON Healthcare presented the newest heart health innovation, the first remote patient monitoring service, VitalSight.

It was designed for hypertension management and developed to foster greater patient-to-physician communication and data sharing to improve treatment engagement and health outcomes.

VitalSight is an easy-to-use service that physicians can use to enroll patients with high-risk levels of hypertension.

Patients receive a kit delivered to their home that includes an OMRON connected blood pressure monitor and data hub, which are pre-set and do not require WiFi or a separate cellular connection.

VitalSight is rolling out with forward-thinking health systems and independent physicians nationwide, at little to no cost to the patient or doctor and it’s reimbursed by Medicare.

To learn more about OMRON Healthcare and what they are doing to achieve their mission of Going for ZERO, visit

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