5 Exquisite Styles from the Warby Parker Fall Collection

Fall is the season of deep, vibrant colors that make you feel warm and cozy.

Warby Parker has taken these hues and designed a collection of frames that capture the spirit of autumn. 

In addition to looking great, these frames also come in a range of widths and bridge heights to make it easy to find comfortable glasses that fit your face perfectly. 


warby parker fall colelction


Check out these 5 exquisite styles from the Warby Parker Fall Collection.

Warby Parker Whalen (Lapis Crystal)

warby parker whalen


If you’re looking for glasses with timeless styling, then the Warby Parker Whalen frames are a great choice.

These frames feature round lenses, a keyhole bridge, and scalloped detailing. Your savoir faire will be on full display when you wear these glasses.

Warby Parker Wright (Cognac Tortoise)

warby parker wright frames


Warby Parker Wright glasses feature dapper round lenses and a soft, subtle keyhole bridge.
These glasses exude confidence and sophistication

Warby Parker Mullins (Acorn Tortoise)

warby parker mullins


Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate, the Warby Parker Mullins frames are a mid-century-inspired style guaranteed to turn heads.

The frames feature a prominent browline and graduated rivets for flair and durability.

Warby Parker Landon (Forest Green)

warby parker landon


The angled, ’70s inspired design gives the Warby Parker Landon frames a retro vibe. But the modern styling and autumn hues make them the perfect complement for your fall wardrobe.

Warby Parker Ira (Striped Sassafras)

warby parker ira


These Warby Parker Ira frames are dashing and elegant. The frame’s cat-eye shape is subtle, yet distinctive. They will quickly become your favorite pair of glasses.

All of the frames in the Warby Parker Fall Collection come with high-quality polycarbonate 1.67 high-index lens material and can be customized with your prescription type (single-vision, progressives, readers, or non-prescription) and lens type (classic, blue-light-filtering, or light-responsive).

Visit Warby Parker online to see the full Warby Parker Fall Collection. You can also download the app to try on frames virtually (requires an iPhone X or above). 

If you want a more personalized experience, you can test out five pairs of frames at home for five days. It’s free, including shipping and returns.

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