Can’t Tell Us Nothing “Male Companionship” Episode with Mocha Man Style Founder, Frederick Goodall

Can’t Tell Us Nothing is a Houston-based improv group. They perform The Supernova: Friday Night Improv Comedy each week at Station Theater, a local venue that offers a full lineup of intelligent and irreverent long-form improv and sketch comedy shows.

The group also hosts a radio show on on Wednesdays 7 pm – 8 pm.

On the show, the four performers – Amechi Ngwe, Tandiwe Kone, Antoine W.B., and Jon Myles – converse with guests to find out their opinions and use those ideas as fuel for completely improvised comedy scenes.

I joined the panel to discuss men’s health and The 10 Mustaches in African American History. I was impressed by the troupe’s ability to take serious topics and find the humor in them.

Click below to listen to the “Male Companionship” episode of the Can’t Tell Us Nothing Show.


male companionship podcast

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