3 Men’s 90s Fashions That Are Making a Comeback

In the 90s, I was a college student at Howard University in Washington, DC. This was a great period in my life. I met new friends, enjoyed great music (90s hip-hop, R&B, and grunge), and experienced everything our nation’s capital had to offer.

I was also able to define my personal style by experimenting with the latest fashions and trends. Hightop Fade. Check. Hoop earrings. Check. Cross Colors, Karl Kani, and FUBU. Check. Check. And check.

Whenever I had some extra cash, I’d head to the mall to shop at my favorite store, Chess King. I’d stock up on bright-colored shirts with bold patterns, rayon suits, and patent leather shoes.

I completed my wardrobe with boots, baggy jeans, and hoodies. I even had the Bobby Brown/Gumby haircut. I also did the grunge thing with the Doc Martens and flannel shirts.

90s fashion
I was rocking my fresh 90s outfit – Rayon suit with a rayon shirt.

I must admit that I still like to wear bright colors, bold patterns, and boots (I still have some Timbs and Docs).

However, I’ve learned how to wear these styles in a more modern way. And you can too.

We have identified three 90s fashions that are making their way back into the spotlight again. Keep reading to learn how to wear these old-school trends today.

Note: (We will not acknowledge Hammer pants. We will pretend as if they never existed).

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Throwback Stripes

Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Doctor Dre to Freddie Krueger wore striped shirts, sweaters, or jackets. Stripes are striking in simplicity and embody a versatility that has obviously withstood the test of time. Today’s striped fashions are more subtle and come in various cuts from slim to baggy.

Trunk Club

If you want to really represent the 90s, go for a relaxed-fit t-shirt and jeans combo. You can make a bolder statement with a colorful, textured striped shirt and coordinating shorts.

Go Bold or Go Home

Men in the ‘90s did not shy away from wearing bold styles and loud patterns. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun with your look, select one item you want to stand out and build the rest of your outfit with classic pieces.

90s fashion

For example, you can choose a casual shirt with bold, offbeat graphics and pair it with tailored khakis and white sneakers.

Washed-Out Denim

For the past few years, dark denim has been the standard. Lately, light washes have been more widely accepted. Part of the credit must go to dads. Dad fashion has spurred a new appreciation for looser fitting washed-out jeans and chunky white sneakers.

90s fashion

This look, when combined with novelty printed accessories, brings a carefree-cool vibe reminiscent of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Saved By the Bell. And who wouldn’t want to dress like 90s fashion icons Will Smith and Mario Lopez.

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