How I’m Making Lifestyle Changes to Help Reduce my Blood Pressure

This is a sponsored post by Omron Healthcare. All opinions are my own.

Throughout my life, I’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, there was a period when my work/life balance was out of whack and my health suffered. During this period, I was traveling a lot for work.

That meant going from airport to airport and eating whatever I could whenever I could.

I also spent a significant amount of time entertaining clients and potential clients. That meant dinner, drinks, and late nights.

This hectic pace left little room for exercise and I gained 30 extra pounds. In addition, my doctor told me that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were higher than normal.

I knew things had to change when I ran into a former colleague and he didn’t recognize me because I had gained so much weight.

I spent the next few months tracking my food intake, exercising, and monitoring my blood pressure with a machine that was installed in my office building.

Today my weight is at a level I’m pleased with and my eating and exercise habits have improved.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure is still a bit high.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology lowered the threshold for high blood pressure.

With this change, I’m now in the hypertensive category. I was quite dismayed by this news. Over the years, I’ve worked to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but my blood pressure will not cooperate.

After researching my family’s history, I discovered that many of my relatives are also hypertensive. Several of them are managing the condition with blood pressure medication which is good, but I’d rather try to reduce my blood pressure by natural means.

Work out Equipment
Here are a few of the tools I use to manage my health (From top right): Jump rope, iPhone, Omron EVOLV, Food journal, Art (to help me relax), Running Shoes, Men’s Health magazine, Olive Oil cookbook, a bottle of red wine (one glass a day), Exercise cables

At least once a week, I use my Omron EVOLV to check my blood pressure. The device syncs with my Apple Health app to give me a full view of my overall progress.

My last reading was 140/90 which is higher than my baseline reading at my doctor’s office. It is also the previous threshold for hypertension.

To improve my health, I’ve started riding my bike, joined a gym and have committed to doing cardio and weight training for at least one hour three times a week, and started a food diary to track my eating.

I’m working to eliminate things from my life that cause me to become stressed or anxious (Related: 7 Ways to Deal With and Reduce Stress).

I have also decided to visit my doctor more than once a year to identify and prevent health issues before they become serious.

My three kids rely on me and it’s important that I manage my blood pressure. I understand that my risk for heart attack and stroke is high and I want to do all I can to maintain my health, so I never have to suffer from either of these life-threatening events.

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