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The Samsung Gear VR is an Affordable Way to Experience Virtual Reality
I’ve been a science fiction fan for most of my life. Star Trek, Blade Runner, The Jetsons, and Octavia Butler’s books made me eager to see the technologies they showcased come to fruition. With the new crop of virtual reality devices available on the market, the future has finally arrived. To... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy S5 Moves Forward by Simplifying
One of the best things about my role at MMS is that I get to experience some of the latest smart devices on the market. Some devices are fun to explore while others simply make me say, “Meh.” The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of those devices that, at first... Read more
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a Rugged Smart Phone
Each year, some new device has been dubbed the “iPhone killer.”  None have come closer to slaying the mighty giant than the flagship Galaxy S4. Samsung Corporation’s Galaxy brand of smartphones has been the industry standard for several years now. In fact, Samsung holds 32% of the global smartphone... Read more