5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Nubia Emmon

Nubia Emmon is a versatile, Austin-based artist whose music is entrenched in the sounds of the 90s.

“I love the music of that era when R&B was dating Hip Hop,” she said. “My music merges old fashioned R&B with rap music isn’t all hardcore.”

Staying true to her style has paid off for Emmon. She was voted Best Radio R&B Artist, Best Female Radio Song, and Best Female R&B Live by Austin listeners. She’s also placed first in various showcases in New York and Atlanta.

But Emmon isn’t a copycat act. Her music is modern, unique, and filled with genuine emotion. Emmon draws from her past to write songs that listeners can relate to.

“I grew up in a working-class home, experienced the turmoil of my parent’s divorce, relocating, losing friends,” said Emmon. “This is why a lot of my earlier songs are about relationships—they had such an impact on my life during a trying time.”

Emmon’s latest mixtape, 80/20, is available for download.

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