Sneaker King P.J. Tucker Unveils his New Sneaker Loft

P.J. Tucker is the NBA’s undisputed Sneaker King. He started collecting sneakers when he was a teenager and has amassed a collection that is approaching 5,000 pairs.

If you do the math, you will discover that Tucker could wear a different pair of sneakers every day for almost 14 years.

This massive collection quickly outgrew his home so Tucker did what any sneakerhead (with the financial means) would do – he bought a house just for his kicks.

“You just wouldn’t understand if you’re not a sneakerhead,” said Tucker.

Part museum, part closet, the Sneaker Loft is an impressive display of sneaker culture.

Watch this video for a first-look at Tucker’s Houston “Sneaker Loft” and discover a few of his most coveted finds including Air Jordan 9 Bin 23 in Gold, Air Force 1 Craig Sager, SB Chunky Dunky, Lebron 8 SVSM, Air Max 1 Chlorophyll, among others.

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