What I Wore: COVID-19 Lockdown Edition

As of this posting, I have been at home for nearly two months straight. Since I’m in the high-risk category, I’ve decided to limit my outside exposure until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Like most other people, I miss doing everyday activities such as going to restaurants, visiting relatives, and shopping at the mall. But I’ve also missed dressing up and attending events. Most days, I wear jeans and a T-shirt. However, I will put on a nice shirt if I have a conference call or ZOOM Meeting.

One morning, while standing in my closet, I noticed all of my dress clothes collecting dust. I decided to put on a nice outfit to lift my spirits. I must admit that it felt good to get dressed up again even if I had nowhere to go.

Later that afternoon, I spent a few minutes sitting on my front porch to get some fresh air. I waved at neighbors as they walked by and they waved back with puzzled looks faces. They were probably wondering why I was dressed up when everything was shut-down.

I can’t wait until everything is open again, but until then, I’ll continue to rock a blazer as I watch Netflix on my couch.

The Look

White Cotton Blazer: Bar III (from Macy’s)

Leopard-Skin Print Shirt: Society of Threads (via K & G Fashions)

Trousers: Perry Ellis

Shoes: Bruno Magli

Accessories: Armitron watch, Silver nameplate bracelet, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Photos by Goodall Photos

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