Reebok Iverson Legacy Sneakers Redefine Classic

Allen Iverson was one of the most electrifying athletes of all-time. The 11-time NBA All-Star is a universally recognized icon of his basketball who influenced an entire generation of basketball fans.

allen iverson

He also influenced fashion and style with his unapologetic embrace of hip hop culture. Fans who embraced Iverson’s look were thrilled when Reebok launched the Question Mid, Allen Iverson’s signature shoe in 1996.

The shoe became popular because it was clean, stylish, and represented Iverson’s audacious rejection of conservative NBA convention.

Since then, the line has been revamped to reflect changing styles of hip-hop and sneaker culture.

Reebok Iverson Legacy Sneaker

The latest iteration, the Reebok Iverson Legacy is a mash-up of key elements from Allen Iverson’s iconic Answer footwear line. This version features an all-leather upper, a high top look, and a streamlined design that adds authenticity and a vintage vibe.

reebok iverson sneakersThe shoe is made of patent leather and mixed materials upper with a durable rubber outsole. DMX cushioning moves air from the forefoot to the heel and back to provide comfort as you move. It feels like an air mattress under your feet.

reebok iverson legacy sneakersThe Reebok Iverson Legacy sneakers are available in Athletic Blue, White, Red and Black, Red colorways.

reebok verson legacy sneakerIf you’re looking for a stylish comfortable sneaker that lives up to Allen Iverson’s legacy, then you want to get yourself a pair of Reebok Iverson Legacy sneakers. Available on for $160.

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