Tis the Season for the Warby Parker Winter Collection

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As I write this post, it is 80 degrees in Houston, TX.

This is not the wintery weather you’d expect in December.

Fortunately, the new Warby Parker Winter Collection of optical and sunglasses helps to transport me to a winter wonderland.

This collection includes five new shapes – Chilton, Chelsea, Baker, Wilder, and Eaton – designed in New York City to complement other popular frames in the Japanese titanium Luminary Collection.

From round-lensed sunglasses to wider rectangular optical silhouettes, the Warby Parker Winter Collection has a frame that will complement any face.

Crafted from premium cellulose acetate, the new frames include exciting colors such as Blueberry Buckle, Grapefruit Soda, Glacier Grey, and Squall Blue Fade.

I tried a pair of the Warby Parker Eaton frames because I liked their shape and color. They come in Tree Swallow Fade (I really like the contracting tones) and Cognac Tortoise.

The spacious width of the frames will please those with larger faces. 

Some frames that are this size feel bulky, but the Eatons are light and comfortable.

warby parker winter collection

The lenses are made from polycarbonate, offer 100% UV protection, and come with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.

Glasses start at $95 and include Warby Parker’s 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy for all frames as well as a one-year, no-scratch guarantee for the lenses. They will replace your scratched lenses for free within the first 12 months. 

And, as always, for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

If you’re ready for some colder weather, select a few options from the Warby Parker Winter Collection and see how you like them with Warby Parker‘s Home Try-On program.

You will find the perfect pair for a blustery day or a calm winter night.

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