Reliant Energy Provides Portable Power to Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Attendees

My cell phone is my conduit to success.

It allows me to make business deals, talk to clients, and update my social media profiles and websites while on the go. Because I use my phone so much, the battery life is dismal.

My power indicator rapidly approaches zero percent within a few hours of heavy usage. This is a big problem when I’m attending events and don’t have easy access to a power outlet.

For years, Reliant Energy has offered charging kiosks to event-goers to keep them powered up for their entire visit.

I first discovered this program while attending the Grand Prix of Houston.

Reliant Energy was piloting the charging stations during the race to see how attendees would respond.

Based on the long lines to charge devices, I’d say that the pilot program was a success.

Having the stations available at the race was a lifesaver for me. I spent nearly eight hours using my phone to take photos and videos of the races, record interviews with drivers, and post updates on Twitter and Instagram.

If not for the charging stations, my phone would have died and I would have been unable to complete my work.

In addition to the Power kiosks, Reliant Energy is also offering Portable Power Packs for rent.

These compact charging units are small enough to fit in your pocket and provide one full charge on most devices. The chargers work with all Appl and Android devices.

nrg power pack

Thanks to Reliant Energy’s innovative power solutions, you can capture and share your favorite moments from the Houston Live Show and Rodeo without worrying about missing the action because of a dead mobile device.

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