Indie Artist Spotlight: Brittnie Price

Offering an electrifying hybrid of pop and soul, Brittnie Price is an Ohio born-and-raised Singer/songwriter with a heart like a big city and a story to tell.

Drawing from an abundance of influences from John Mayer to Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill to Bon Iver, she continues to produce truly inspiring music.

Her dynamic voice soars brilliantly over a sea of buoyant harmonies, carrying with it deliciously catchy melodies and striking lyrics.

In November 2013, after a year on tour with HAIR The Musical, Price released her debut EP, “Everything We Are.”

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2 thoughts on “Indie Artist Spotlight: Brittnie Price”

  1. I have watched Brittnie (Price) blossom into a world-renowned singer since she was a little girl singing to us at family gatherings! I remember when she sang “Ave Maria” at an open air church in Cancun at my nephew’s wedding, with the words echoing on the breeze…… well… there wasn’t a dry eye in the church!
    Brittnie’s voice has such range, and yet very controlled, coupled with her writing abilities, I know she will be a household name in the near future! Best of luck on your future endevours, Brit!

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