Jody Watley Releases New Single, “Sanctuary” from Paradise Album

I have loved Jody Watley ever since she was a Soul Train dancer. I was drawn to her because she danced with such freedom and confidence. I knew she was star material.

After her stint on Soul Train, Watley became a founding member of the influential R&B group, Shalamar along with fellow dancer Jeffrey Daniels, and Gerald Brown (Howard Hewett was the group’s third male lead singer).

I still rush to the dance floor whenever I hear Watley’s singing, “Make that move….Right now, baby!

Watley continued to have success as a solo artist with hits such as “Looking for a New Love,” “Don’t You Want Me,” “Friends,” and “Real Love.”

Her style, talent, beauty (her eyes are mesmerizing), and grace made her one of the most popular artists of the 80s and 90s.

Now Watley is preparing to share her music with a new generation of fans with the release of her album, Paradise. The first single, “Sanctuary,” is an uplifting groove that holds a special place in Watley’s heart.

I’ve written a lot of songs…this has vaulted into my personal Top 10 from “PARADISE.” I was really compelled to right a song like this – with very little focus on the importance of what atmosphere is created for our children and ourselves at home, family..set to a groove – like music I grew up being inspired by. – Jody Watley

Listen to this mellow track and let it take you to your own sanctuary.

Paradise is available for download on Amazon and iTunes.

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