Luxurious Custom Clothing from World of Alfa

I bought my first custom-made suit in Singapore. In fact, I bought two. I also bought three shirts and a pair of pants. It was during the Great Singapore Sale and the deals were amazing. I couldn’t believe that I could get that much clothing made to my personal measurements for less than $1000. I was accustomed to spending that much for an off-the-rack suit, not including tailoring.

When I received the suits, a bit of buyers remorse set in. Although the suits fit well and looked good, I started to wonder if the clothes would fall apart when I returned to the U.S. The tailor assured me that his work was top-notch. He even gave me the number of a tailor in my hometown in case I had any problems. It’s been nearly 10 years since I bought those items and each item is still in good shape.

A few years later, I had a suit made at a local tailor. It cost $1750. While I was pleased with the suit, I didn’t see much difference between that suit and the suits I got from Singapore. This discovery made me wonder if paying top-dollar for a custom-made suit was really worth it.

It turns out, I wasn’t the only person who questioned the custom-clothing pricing structure. Patrick Kodjoe not only questioned it, but he also did something about it and launched World of Alfa to provide quality custom clothing at affordable prices.

“Every man deserves custom clothing,” Kodjoe said. “And World of Alfa offers the best value.”

After visiting the website, I decided to order a suit and shirt to see how this online clothier compared to other custom-clothing makers.

The Process

The interactive 3D website makes it easy to design clothing to your specifications. The first part of the process lets you fully customize every part of your suit including jacket and pant style, contrast fabrics, lining & piping, and monogramming. I ordered a two-button, single-breasted Medium Charcoal Gray suit with flat front pants. After you’ve completed your design, you can input your measurements. The site has video tutorials to help you measure accurately. If you don’t want to take your measurements, you can order a suit with standard measurements (but why would you want to do that?). The ordering and measuring process took me about 30 minutes. Ordering the shirt took only a few minutes. The total cost for all items was around $400 plus shipping and handling.


Although I ordered all of the garments together, they didn’t arrive at the same time. My shirt arrived via UPS in about three weeks. The pants arrived a week later and the jacket arrived two weeks after that.

Quality and Fit

I was impressed by the quality of the fabrics and craftsmanship. The suit jacket fits the contours of my body. The wool was soft to the touch and had a nice weight to it. The pants were a bit long and tight in the waist. I had to take them to the tailor to get some minor alterations. I was most pleased by the fit of the shirt. The arms are the right length and it doesn’t bunch up around the waist when I tuck it in my pants. It is my new favorite shirt because it fits so well.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite satisfied with the items I ordered from World of Alfa and I intend to use the service to add more items to my wardrobe. In addition to suits and shirts, they sell ties, vests, pants, blazers, and jeans. With affordable custom-clothing at my fingertips, I may never buy off-the-rack again.

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