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5 Indie Artists You Should Hear – Leona Lee

Leona Lee (born Leona Elicia Surles), grew up as the middle child of five in a musical family. She engulfed herself in the arts at a very young age; singing in church choir, acting in television shows and commercials, playing the piano and even following in her mom’s footsteps of modeling. However, it wasn’t until Lee went to high school that she started to realize that making music was her true passion.

“I used to write lots of stories that related to my life,” Lee said. Those stories later on became songs. I didn’t really find my voice until after freshman year was over and that’s when I began to write a lot more and my voice developed a little better.”

When recording her EP, “The Dawn,” Lee wanted to make sure that the songs had real meaning.

“I know that not all my music will be about some social issue or getting my heartbroken by some dumb boy,” said Lee. “But I try to make as much sense as possible and not corrupt. I just love the way music can impact someone. It can change their mood and all. It’s amazing to me.”

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