“Love & Whiskey”: A Tribute to Nearest Green

I first learned about Fawn Weaver when searching for entrepreneur stories on YouTube.

I noticed a video titled, “How Uncle Nearest Founder Fawn Weaver Built a Billion-Dollar Whiskey Business.” 

Of course, I was intrigued.

Weaver is the founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, a brand dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of Nathan Green, also known as Uncle Nearest, the first known African American master distiller in the United States. 

Fawn Weaver, CEO and Founder of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has experience in various industries, including real estate and hospitality. 

This diverse experience has contributed to her unique approach to business and storytelling. 

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Weaver is also a celebrated author. 

One of her notable works, “Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage,” became a New York Times bestseller. 

“Love & Whiskey”: A Tribute to Nearest Green

Weaver’s latest book, “Love & Whiskey,” blends history, romance, and personal discovery.

Through immersive storytelling, readers meet Nearest Green and learn about his significant contributions to whiskey. 

Green was pivotal in developing Tennessee whiskey. He taught Jack Daniel, the founder of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, the distillation techniques. 

Green’s expertise, especially in the Lincoln County Process of filtering whiskey through charcoal before aging, was crucial to Tennessee whiskey’s distinctive flavor.

Weaver’s portrayal of Green is respectful and admiring, highlighting his skills and contributions while acknowledging his challenges as a Black man in 19th-century America. 

Her thorough research is presented clearly and compellingly, with photographs, letters, and other historical documents enhancing the reading experience and providing tangible connections to the past.

A compelling aspect of “Love & Whiskey” is how Weaver intertwines Green’s story with her own journey, uncovering insights about her life and heritage. 

This dual narrative adds depth, making it a historical account and a personal memoir.

Additionally, “Love & Whiskey” is a love letter to whiskey-making. 

Weaver’s detailed descriptions of the distilling process capture the craftsmanship and dedication involved. 

Final Thoughts on “Love & Whiskey”

“Love & Whiskey” is a beautifully written and meticulously researched tribute to Nearest Green and his enduring legacy. 

Weaver’s passion shines on every page, making it a compelling read for anyone interested in history, whiskey, or personal discovery. 

Through her work, Weaver inspires and educates, ensuring Uncle Nearest’s legacy is remembered and celebrated for generations.

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