2023 Genesis G90 Review

Let me start by saying that I love this car. There have only been a few cars that I’ve been totally smitten by and the Genesis G90 is currently at the top of my list.

The Genesis G90 is the ultimate expression of luxury. It is comfortable, spacious, and loaded with technology. In fact, it has so many features that I wasn’t even able to test them all.

My friend, who was skeptical about the brand, did a full 180 after I took him for a ride. He was totally impressed by the G90’s look and performance. He liked it so much that he bought one for himself.

If you’d like to know more about this amazing car, read the rest of this Genesis G90 review.

The Origins of the Genesis Brand

Genesis G90 logo

Hyundai conceived “Concept Genesis” in 2003 and introduced its first model in 2007 as a progressive interpretation of the modern rear-wheel drive sports sedan.

The body design took three years and the total cost of the program was $500 million over a development period of 23 months.

Hyundai introduced the Genesis in 2008 at the North American International Auto Show.

After seven successful years in the luxury market, Hyundai decided to launch Genesis a stand-alone brand due to customer demand.

Genesis Motor announced the launch of its first model, the G90 (EQ900 in South Korea) in December 2015.

Genesis launched in the United States in late 2016 with the G80 and G90 (check out the Genesis GV70 & GV80).

Since then, the brand has continued to grow, thrive, and innovate.

Genesis G90 Exterior

2023 Genesis G90 hero shot

The Genesis G90 is a beautiful car with an elegant exterior.

The G90’s front includes a new Crest Grille and sleek Two-Line headlamps, which are designed to resemble the brand’s emblem.

The G90s grille takes its upscale image to the next level with its layered architecture design, comprised of two G-Matrix patterns layered on top of one another to create a three-dimensional effect.

The Two-Line headlamps, located on both sides of the grille, are the thinnest on a Genesis model yet.

The headlamps’ slim design was made possible by intercrossing the lens of the daytime running lights with the turn signal, the high beams and the Micro Lens Array technology-powered low beams.

The clamshell hood design features a single panel that combines the hood and fenders to eliminate panel gaps, lending the G90’s sleek design.

When viewed from the side, the parabolic line design starts from the hood and flows seamlessly along the bottom of the window to the trunk.

2023 Genesis g90 side view

At the vehicle’s rear, the combination lamps are elongated with the trunk, giving the car a strong and well-balanced image, with the Genesis lettering emblem concisely positioned between them.

2023 Genesis G90 rear view

Functional elements like the license plate, various sensors, and the reverse lights have been lowered to complete the clean image of G90’s rear design.

The Genesis G90 is available in a choice of 12 color options. Brand new colors such as Hallasan Green, Capri Blue, Bariloche Brown, Valencia Gold, and Maui Black are exclusive to G90.

Genesis G90 Interior

2023 Genesis G90 interior

The interior of Genesis G90 is designed to satisfy people who enjoy driving and those who are driven by chauffeurs.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford a chauffeur so I had to settle for relaxing in the backseat while the car was parked in my driveway.

The rear seats of G90 feature the highest quality materials to ensure passengers’ comfort and convenience.

The left and right seats in the second row can be reclined separately and there are thoughtfully designed storage spaces such as independent trays for magazines and books in the C-pillar area of the second row.

The driver’s seat brings to life Genesis’ interior design ethos of the Beauty of White Space, harmoniously combining the feeling of a high-tech device with new technologies together with the luxurious details that come with analog sensitivities.

To enhance driver and passenger comfort, Genesis has equipped the G90 with ‘ergo-relaxing’ seats.

Each seat features 10 air cells on the seatback and two air cells on the cushion, supporting four modes of body massage, including full body, waist, pelvis, and upper body, with three options for massage duration and strength.

The Genesis G90 is equipped with a Mood Curator with features such as ambient lighting, a soothing sound system, and electric curtains to lift passengers’ moods.

The car offers four different mood modes, each of which can be customized for a high level of personalization.

The G90 is the first model Genesis has equipped with a fragrance system that disperses pleasing scents throughout the car’s interior.

It offers three different aromas: The Driver’s Awakening, The Great Outdoors, and My Favorite Place.

The type and intensity of the fragrance can be controlled through the infotainment system, rear seat touch control, and ventilation panel.

The vehicle also offers a selection of interior colorways, with a total of five combination choices: Obsidian Black/Mono-Tone, Bordeaux Brown/Obsidian Black Two-Tone, Glacier White/Urban Brown Two-Tone, Modern Gray/Galaxy Black Two-Tone, and Dune Beige/Velvet Burgundy Two-Tone.

The Genesis G90 has two panoramic sunroofs located above the first and second rows that can be controlled separately.

To keep the interior quiet while driving, the G90 is outfitted with the brand’s most advanced noise-canceling system, which detects noise from the surface of the road and then sends opposite-phase sounds through the speakers to cancel it out.

In addition, laminated glass was used throughout the vehicle, including the second-row doors’ quarter glass, enabling G90 to achieve a maximum level of quietness.

Genesis G90 Driving Performance

2023 Genesis G90 driving performance

The Genesis G90 is equipped with a gasoline 3.5-liter turbocharged engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Genesis has outfitted the G90 with new suspension technology that offers a smoother ride and better handling performance.

It also includes Preview-Electronic Control Suspension as a basic feature, which optimizes control of the suspension by utilizing a front camera to recognize road conditions and provide a smooth riding experience in any driving environment.

For added driving stability, the G90 features Multi-Chamber air suspension, which alters air pressure in the air springs.

When driving at high speeds, the air suspension system lowers the height of the vehicle to reduce wind resistance, improving fuel efficiency and ultimately providing a more stable driving experience.

When driving on rough or uneven surfaces, the feature heightens the car to protect its undercarriage and cut down on vibrations from the road.

In addition, using sensors, the car can elevate its front wheels when going down a steep slope.

This provides stronger suspension to prevent damage from contact between the flat road and the undercarriage after the slope.

When driving on rough roads, the feature heightens the car by 0.98 inches at both ends to protect its undercarriage from touching the surface of the road and ensure a stable driving experience.

Rear Wheel Steering on the G90 steers the rear wheels to a maximum of four degrees in a low-speed counter-phase (moving them in the opposite direction of the front wheels) and to a maximum of two degrees in high-speed in-phase (moving them in the same direction as the front wheels).

This allows for easier maneuvering in tight spaces with fewer corrections and makes the turning radius of G90 similar to that of a midsize car.

It also improves cornering stability and allows the G90 to make agile movements when changing lanes or avoiding obstacles at medium and high speeds.

Genesiss G90 Technology

Genesis has given the G90 a suite of cutting-edge convenience technologies to provide an all-new automated experience from the moment you enter the vehicle until the moment you exit.

When you approach the G90 with your smart key, auto-flush door handles pop up to greet you.

When you enter the vehicle, the EasyClose system closes the door without you needing to reach out and grab it.

This feature is activated with a press of a button that is located in a number of easily accessible places, including the first row’s center console, the second row’s armrests, and the door trims in both rows.

Additionally, the first-row driver’s seat doors can be set up to automatically close when the brake pedal is used.

When you exit the vehicle, you can touch the outside door handle switch or press the lock button on the remote control to close the door.

An 8-inch Armrest Touch Screen located in the center armrest in the second-row offers touch-type integrated operation.

Passengers can set climate control modes, seat position, massage settings, curtain position, and adjust the lighting.

The touch-screen display provides clear guidance and explanations with graphics and animations that are suitable for each function related to the buttons.

The G90’s Fingerprint Authentication System in the center console enables keyless engine start and driving.

With the digital key, you can access and turn on the vehicle by simply touching the door handle when your smartphone is nearby.

It also features a hands-free smart trunk system, which automatically opens the trunk when you stand near the sensor located on the rear part of the trunk for three seconds.

Over the Air software updates are also available for major electronic systems inside the G90, such as the navigation system, digital cluster, Head-Up display, brakes, steering wheel, suspension, airbags, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist analyzes the vehicle’s surroundings, including the rear, front and the sides, warning you when there’s a risk of collision with a pedestrian or object while parking, and activating the brakes if necessary.

The wide-angle camera-based Remote Smart Parking Assist supports perpendicular parking, parallel parking, and diagonal parking by recognizing parking lines.

Genesis has equipped the vehicle with Virtual Venue, a 3D-surround sound function.

It recreates the sound characteristics of various spaces that are optimized for certain types of music using settings such as ‘Boston Symphony Hall’ or ‘Bang & Olufsen Home’, and delivers on that sound with an impressive Bang & Olufsen 23-speaker system.

The G90 is also equipped with Acoustic Lens Technology which optimizes sound quality through electric pop-up tweeters located on the left and right sides of the crash pad and headlining speakers placed in the middle of the ceiling between the first and second row, creating a rich sound experience.

2023 Genesis G90 Price

At an MSRP of $98,700, the Genesis G90 comes fully equipped with the features and technology that you expect from a high-end luxury vehicle.

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