Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Reveals Why He Left Columbia Records In Candid Video

Artists have had complex relationships with record labels. On one hand, artists benefit from the label’s resources, connections, and reputation. On the other hand, artists don’t always have full control over their careers because they must work within the label’s contractual guidelines and priorities.


When you team up with somebody else, they have to support your vision and mission and sometimes there can be a conflict…that’s always going to be an issue that you run into. – Lecrae

Hip-hop artist Lecrae has experienced the pros and cons of working with a major label. In this candid video, Lecrae explains why he chose to part ways with Columbia Records, a relationship he’s had since 2014, and return to his indie roots at Reach Records. He also shares valuable advice that all recording artists should consider. Three important points that he shares are:

  1. Know your vision and who you are as an artist
  2. Watch your ego and be humble
  3. Guard yourself against temptations and stay focused

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