Best Apps to Purchase Sneakers

Sneakers are big business.

The total global sneakers market is forecasted to reach a value of 97.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

The market continues to rise as sneakerheads scour the web for the latest releases, exclusive collaborations, and hard-to-find limited editions.

While you can buy products directly from sneaker brand websites or apps, you will need specialized sneaker apps to get the most coveted kicks.

Today, the best sneaker apps are SNKRS, GOAT, StockX, Stadium Goods, and Foot Locker.

Best Sneaker Apps

Scroll down for more information and to find out why we decided these are the best sneaker apps.

best sneaker apps


nike snkrs app

The Nike SNKRS app is the best mobile app to buy the most hyped Nike shoes for the retail price before the price skyrockets on the resell market.

You can use the app to see upcoming sneaker releases and set notifications for the pairs you want most.

One cool thing they have for the most hyped shoes is a raffle that gives everyone an equal chance of buying them.

There is no guarantee that you will get to buy the more popular releases (as many people have discovered), but the raffle makes things a little more fair for all sneaker fans.

If you’re lucky enough to cop your coveted Jordans, SNKRS makes it easy to complete your purchase directly within the app.

You can expedite the process by safely storing your billing, shipping, and sizing information at checkout.


goat sneaker app

GOAT is a great sneaker app to sell or purchase sneakers. With more than 800,000 sneaker listings, the GOAT app has almost every brand and style you could think of.

One of the nice things about GOAT is you can buy used sneakers at a fraction of the price of new sneakers.

To ensure quality and authenticity, they only source products from premium retailers and a trusted network of resellers.

All resale products are verified by a combination of machine learning technology as well as in-hand verification to ensure the product is both authentic and as described.

Reebok Sneakers



StockX is another resell sneaker app and the rival to the GOAT app.

StockX is designed as a stock market for sneakers so that you can see the sneaker prices rising and falling in real-time.

StockX’s three-step process makes it easy to buy with confidence without worrying about getting fakes:

  1. Make an offer that any seller can accept or purchase immediately at the lowest Ask.
  2. Seller ships to StockX for authentication (seller gets paid after shoes are authenticated).
  3. StockX ships sneakers to you.

I prefer buying from StockX because they typically have cheaper shoes than their competitor GOAT.

Stadium Goods

stadium goods app

Stadium Goods stands out for its focus on authenticity, dedication to quality, a wide variety of shoes for good prices.

Unlike many of its competitors, Stadium Goods buys shoes and pre-authenticates them so they’re ready for shipping as soon as they’re bought.

One thing I think is pretty cool is the Trophy Case section that displays the rarest, most exclusive sneakers in the world.

converse sneakers

Foot Locker

foot locker logo

Foot Locker has been in the sneaker game for a long time and their sneaker app remains one of the best places to buy the latest sneakers.

If you join their mailing list, you’ll be among the first to receive exclusive offers, news on upcoming launches, and limited edition access.

Foot Locker also offers free shipping for members and they are constantly having sales on their shoes and apparel.

If you encounter a problem with your mobile purchase, you can make returns and exchanges in retail stores.

Even if you’re not a dedicated sneakerhead, these sneaker apps will help you find your next favorite pair of sneakers.

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