Four Black Lives Matter Protest Songs You Must Listen To Right Now

Artists have always used their talents to comment on the state of the world. George Floyd’s murder sparked a worldwide movement where people are demanding justice, calling for an end to systematic racism, and screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Musicians from various genres are speaking out and creating songs that address racial tensions, inequality, and the frustrations many of us feel.

Here are 4 Black Lives Matter protest songs you must listen to right now.

I Can’t Breathe by H.E.R.

This R&B tune by Grammy award-winning artist H.E.R. is deceptively smooth. While the music is chill, H.E.R.’s voice is filled with rage and passion. She even surprises listeners at the end of the song with a little bit of spoken poetry that speaks about the pain generations of African Americans have experienced.

The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby

In this hip-hop song, Lil Baby gets political and addresses racial tensions head-on. His viral music video, which shows him out in the community supporting the cause, has garnered more than 18 million views.

Lockdown by Anderson.Paak

Anderson. Paak combines hip-hop & R&B in this song that not only addresses police violence but also the effects of the Coronavirus lockdown.

I Can’t Breathe by Deitrick Haddon

This song by gospel singer, Deitrick Haddon, is a soulful narrative of what happened to George Floyd the day he was killed by police. Although it’s technically not a gospel song, it definitely has a spiritual vibe.

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