90-Day Heart Healthy Habit Challenge: The Results

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For the last ninety days, I’ve been focused on developing three heart-healthy habits. As you can imagine, staying focused on this goal has been a bit challenging with the stress of COVID-19 lingering in the background (see this post). However, I’ve made some progress and I will continue to make improvements.

Exercise for One Hour Three Times a Week

I haven’t been able to reach one hour of exercise, but I have managed to add additional exercise into my daily routine. I work from home and I’m inclined to sit at my desk all day. I’m thankful that I have a partner who encourages me to move around and participates in exercises with me. My partner and I take walks in the evenings. I enjoy these walks because I’m able to get some fresh air (albeit through a mask) and my partner and I are able to reconnect and have some time alone. In addition to my walks, I continue my calisthenics. My son is constantly sending me physical challenges to complete (ie 100 Burpee challenge, 200 Squat challenge, etc). The latest was the 300 pushup challenge. For this challenge, I was required to complete 300 pushups in a day.  I must admit that I struggled with this one (I only got to 175). But I didn’t get discouraged. His challenges keep me motivated to stay healthy and get stronger. My daughter also sends me online HIIT workout videos to try. When she visits, we do them together and have a little father/daughter bonding time.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I enjoy having a glass of wine every night. During this ninety-day period, I’ve managed to reduce my consumption. I’ve dedicated two nights each week to being alcohol-free. I intend to increase the number of alcohol-free nights to four as I continue my journey. 


Regularly Measure my Blood Pressure

This is the area where I’ve had the most success. Every morning, I take my blood pressure with the OMRON Complete and write down my measurements in my journal to track my progress. This daily routine keeps me aware of any fluctuations in my numbers. Having a record of my daily blood pressure numbers is also helpful for my doctor visits. This data gives my physician additional information on my overall health and helps to inform his treatment recommendations.

Other habits

In addition to these habits, I’ve been trying to develop a better focus on stress management. The demands of work, online schooling for my kids, and concerns about COVID-19 have kept my stress levels pretty high. When I start to feel stressed, I immediately take my blood pressure because I know there is a correlation between the two. I also make a note in my journal of what is stressing me out. These two practices allow me to keep track of my stressors and see the effect they have on my blood pressure. Meditation, prayer, breathing exercises help, and physical activity are also part of my stress management routine and have provided some relief.

Bottom Line

I will continue to work on these areas beyond the 90 days. I’ve come to realize that my health is my most important asset. I want to model a healthy lifestyle for my children and show them that it is possible to be healthy, vibrant, regardless of your age. All it takes is a commitment to developing healthy habits.

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