McLaren’s Hybrid Supercar, the Speedtail, Reaches 250 mph

McLaren continues to push boundaries in automotive design and performance. Their latest supercar is the Speedtail, a futuristic Hyper-GT with McLaren’s most powerful hybrid drivetrain ever.

Need for Speed

In layman’s terms, this car is fast! With a proven top speed of 250 mph, the Speedtail is a remarkable feat of engineering.

maclaren speedtail

“The Speedtail is the epitome of performance through design,” said Jonathan Beaumont, Ultimate Series Vehicle Line Manager. “While getting to 250mph is a great achievement, we predominantly focus on driver engagement, refinement, and stability.”

mclaren speedtail interior


Aerodynamic Design

The teardrop-shaped cockpit and aerodynamically optimized body are the foundation for the exceptional aerodynamic drag efficiency, with innovative features such as carbon fiber front-wheel static aero covers, retractable digital rear-view cameras (in lieu of mirrors) and patented active rear ailerons furthering contributing to the ultra-low drag achieved.

mclaren speedtail

The key to Speedtail’s speed is a combination of attributes, including aerodynamic excellence and low vehicle weight. Fundamental to this is a race-bred electric drive system that unlocks the Speedtail’s intense acceleration from standstill to 186 mph in 13 seconds.

mclaren speedtail

Innovative Hybrid Powertrain

The M840TQ powertrain comprises a 4.0-liter internal combustion engine and an electric drive unit, which together produce a maximum torque of 1,150Nm. The V8 engine features technology that has evolved from McLaren’s first hybrid hypercar, the legendary McLaren P1.

mclaren speedtail

The electric motor, which uses Formula E-derived technology, generates more than 230kW. It gives the Speedtail the highest performance installation ‒ including cooling and integration ‒ of any electric motor currently in use on a production road car.

The design and integration of the battery system enable the Speedtail to achieve its maximum speed by intelligent energy deployment. This system, the first of its kind in a production road car, is highly efficient and allows the cells to run harder and for longer.

Video Proof

Watch this video to see the Speedtail in action.

Only 106 Speedtails will be produced at a per-unit price from $2.13 million.

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