Tito Jackson Steps Into the Spotlight as Lead Vocalist on “One Way Street”

I don’t wanna play these games you play, girl, anymore. If you want to leave, I’ll hold the door – Tito Jackson, “One Way Street.”

As a member of the Jackson 5, Tito held down the rhythm on guitar. Now Michae’s usually quiet older brother is stepping in the spotlight as lead vocalist on his new single, “One Way Street.”

“Performing beside my brothers on stage has been a wonderful blessing for me,” said Jackson. “Introducing ‘One Way Street’ at this time, in my career, is an ideal platform for me to share my solo project with our loyal fans, and hopefully gain new ones along the way.”

“One Way Street,” a tale of a bad romance, features a remix from producer Gregg Pagani, who also worked with hit-makers Charlie Wilson (“Uncle Charlie,” “Just Charlie,” “In It To Win It”) and Johnny Gill (“Game Changer,” “Soul Of A Woman”).

“It was an honor working with Gregg,” said Jackson. “It takes a special talent to take the music of seasoned, veteran artists like me and make the song relevant and popular to a new generation.”

“One Way Street,” distributed by Beat Root Music, on Tito’s independent label Play It Right Entertainment, is now available on iTunes and all digital music platforms. But you can listen to it right now on Mocha Man Style.

tito jackson one way street

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