Previously Unseen Sketches Show Rolls-Royce Designers’ Creative Journey for the Wraith Eagle VIII

I am a fan of the creative process. Whether it’s composing a song, designing a fashion line, or choreographing a dance routine, I’m always interested in how creatives develop their ideas.

I recently had a chance to view some previously unseen design sketches of the Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII.

The sketches, envisioned by the Bespoke Collective of the House of Rolls-Royce, offer a rare and intimate insight into the creative journey undertaken by Rolls-Royce designers.

The design of the Wraith III is inspired by Captain John Alcock’s and Lieutenant Arthur Brown’s brave flight into uncharted skies to make the first non-stop transatlantic flight in June 1919.

The duo flew from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Clifden, Ireland in a modified First World War Vickers Vimy bomber aircraft. The bi-plane was powered by twin 20.3 liter, 350 bhp, Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII engines.

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Attention to Detail

The exterior of the Wraith Eagle VIII Collection Car is evocative of Alcock and Brown’s historic adventure.

Swathed in Gunmetal with a Selby Grey upper two-tone, the colors are separated by a brass feature line, a hint at the detailing that lies within.

The wheels are part polished with a translucent shadow finish.


The clock of a Rolls-Royce is frequently viewed as jewelry, with many designers choosing this canvas to tell the story of the brand’s luxurious legacy.

The sketch of the Collection Car’s clock depicts an iced background effect reminiscent of the freezing instrument panels of the adventurers, while the clock’s green night-time glow is illustrated – a direct reference to the only light seen by Alcock and Brown as they crossed the Atlantic.

Perhaps the most alluring feature of the Wraith III is the unique starlight headliner with 1,183 starlight fibers showing the celestial arrangement at the time of the flight in 1919.

The starlight headliner sketch shows cloud embroidery, the halfway point coordinates and the flight path of Alcock and Brown.

A further detailed sketch shows the night-time view from above, which is expertly incorporated into Wraith’s fascia, in the form of a gold, silver, and copper inlay.

rolls royce wraith eagle III

This creative journey has given me a new appreciation for the work that goes into being a designer at one of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Good Luck Getting One

For most people, these photos and sketches will be the closest they will ever get to the Wraith Eagle III. Rolls Royce will only produce 50 units for discerning collectors at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex.

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