3 Ways to Wear Denim at Work

In 1994, I got my first job after graduating from college. It was at a very conservative engineering company, and we were required to wear a suit and tie every day.

A few years later, they relaxed the dress code and allowed us to ditch the jacket but still required a tie.

In the late 1990s, they adopted a business casual dress code – button-down shirt and dress pants. We were allowed to wear a polo shirt and khakis on casual Fridays.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s, that they let us wear jeans to work on Fridays. 

Today, many companies have a relaxed dress code and denim has become an office staple.

That’s why we partnered with Trunk Club to put together three different looks for incorporating denim into your workweek.

Denim for a Corporate Office

denim in corporate office
Dark jeans work well for the office because darker washes of denim are the easiest to dress up. Wear them with a khaki blazer, a crisp white shirt, and some brown cap-toe shoes and you’ll be the best-dressed guy on casual Friday.

Denim for a Casual Workplace

Casual Dress Black ManBusiness-casual never looked so crisp and clean. Not only do white jeans make a bold statement, but they also look sharp against a color-blocked tee or polo.

Slip into some loafers, and you’re ready for the water cooler. (Also, don’t buy into the no white after Labor Day nonsense. White denim looks great year-round.)

Denim for a Creative Space

denim at the officeWhile chambray isn’t technically denim (it’s made with a slightly different weave), you should probably still reserve it for casual Fridays.

Wear a chambray button-down shirt with chinos, fresh white sneakers, and a light cotton jacket for a look that’s both classic and current.

You can also swap the cotton jacket for a dark denim jacket to change up the look.

If you need help choosing the right denim look for your office, visit Trunk Club. They have a wide selection of denim styles for any work setting.

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